G2 chooses to
do more.

We believe purpose starts with compassion. And compassion becomes all the more powerful when combined with action because “doing” means a lot. G2 was founded a decade ago with kindness as a core value, and that’s remained unchanged as we continually choose kindness in the service of change, employee growth, and the democratization of tech.


raised since 2017.


organizations donated to since 2017.

How we’re making
an impact.

Pledge 1%

We are committing 1% of our company’s equity, and 1% equity from our co-founders, to provide equitable STEM education access to the underrepresented and underprivileged.

G2 Gives

Software is transforming how we work. We use it to transform the world. Write or collect reviews through G2 Gives and trigger a $10 donation.

Paid volunteer time

G2 offers every employee 20 hours of paid time each fiscal year to volunteer for an organization of their choice.

Developing the Next Generation of Tech Talent: G2 Joins Pledge 1% to Improve STEM Education Access

I Had Zero Risk Factors for Breast Cancer. I Got it Anyways.

Honoring Family and Building Homes for Hispanic Heritage Month