G2 Commitments

G2's Commitments.

Here’s what we’re doing to make G2 a safe, equitable and
inclusive workplace for all:

We commit to consciously invest in building an inclusive and equitable culture, and an increasingly diverse global team.

  • We focus on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for employees and customers around the world with diverse backgrounds.  
  • We commit to improve diverse representation in our teams and across all levels of leadership over time by attracting diverse pool of candidates. 
  • We build partnerships with the community that educate us and expand our network across underrepresented groups to consider G2 for open roles.
  • We build a diverse, cross-functional inclusion and diversity team to help us steer this work and set clear goals and priorities. 
  • We continuously improve how we are measuring our progression in creating a diverse workplace each quarter, and include metrics that refer to statistics like diversity amongst individual teams and amongst leadership globally and within each region. 
  • We measure pay equity across teams and diverse groups and address any issues of inequity.
  • We invest in our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to ensure different groups of G2ers with common backgrounds and interests can learn and grow together, build allyship, and share authentic stories and experiences with our global G2 team to better understand one another and create a stronger workforce. 
  • We encourage our employees to commit work time to participating in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), and also provide dedicated budgets and strong senior leadership sponsorship for our ERGs, which are a core part of our inclusion and diversity strategy.

We commit to a safe and inclusive work environment for all.

  • We provide mandatory training for all leaders, managers, and employees regarding safety, harassment prevention, and allyship.
  • We provide whistleblower software to all employees to ensure that all reports are followed up by the appropriate parties.
  • We activate a feedback loop with a written explanation of what actions have and/or will be taken to address the incident report. 
  • We participate in a follow-up cadence with affected employees to ensure that any actions taken remain effective and that lines of communication remain open. 
  • We ask that all new and current team members sign off on our values and commitments on an annual basis or when new updates are made. 

We commit to create opportunities for authentic feedback and learning together.

  • We create new opportunities for feedback and 2-way dialogue through 360 reviews, extended All Hands Q&A sessions, and individual team meetings.
  • We provide additional training to all G2 managers to improve their skills across the company when it comes to giving and receiving continuous feedback with constructive intent as well as how to proactively handle employee issues and cases when we’re not living up to our commitments or PEAK values.
  • Our quarterly inclusion and engagement surveys capture well-rounded feedback regarding safety and inclusion as well as transparently track and report how we are living up to our values.

We commit to helping our communities by giving back via G2 Gives.

  • We leverage our G2 Gives initiatives to amplify our internal work to create a more kind and equitable world by partnering with the philanthropic causes in our communities that we care the most about as a team.  
  • We support our team members in giving back to the philanthropic causes they care most about.
  • We give back in the form of financial resources, volunteer hours, and product contributions to partner non-profit organizations.
  • We commit to giving back 1% of our founding equity, 1% of our employees time by volunteering, and 1% of our product and technology resources.

We commit to hold G2 leadership accountable for making progress.

  • We measure all people managers, including the senior leadership team, on and have goals related to building an inclusive and positive culture within all of our teams.
  • We include progress on these goals in all development plans and annual reviews processes for all G2 managers and leaders.
  • Each member of the senior leadership team undertakes an annual 360-degree feedback.
  • We work with business coaches to help us identify gaps in our leadership skills and find ways to improve.

We commit to making DEI part of our DNA.

At G2, everything we do is driven by an unfaltering commitment to our PEAK values. This commitment extends to our responsibility for creating an inclusive environment where all G2 employees can bring their whole selves to our work together.

We know that we can only achieve our organization’s vision and goals by:

  1. Increasing diverse talent at every level.
  2. Building and maintaining authentic human connections
  3. Counteracting societal forces which have limited opportunities for some current and future members of our community.