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Welcome. This is thee hub for G2 brand guidelines, brand assets, website templates, website modules and best practices for how to use these resources.

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Web Style Guide

The Web Style Guide is a showcase of G2 Brand Team Approved website templates and modules that marketers can use to build landing pages.

What is a Template

Templates are domain specific, predefined page layouts built within our Apex Web Design system. They are the foundation for any web content you create.

It's important to use the appropriate template for your page for brand consistency, Google Analytics tracking and use of 3rd party scripts.

Never clone a template. If you need help with a new layout option reach out to the Creative Team.

What is a Module

A module is a building block of web code that you can use to add web content such as columns of text, forms, logo carousels, people profiles and much more. While templates set the foundation, module placement and options defines how your page looks and functions.

No code knowledge is required to use these modules, they are designed to make landing pages flexible for a variety of use cases while also being easy to build and mindful of brand consistency. 

How to Create a Landing Page

1. Create Your Page

  • In the Hubspot portal menu, navigate to Marketing > Website > Landing Pages/Website Page
  • Select the orange Create button and select Landing Page or Website Page.
    What is the difference?
  • Select the approved template for your domain. See approved template list
  • Provide an internal name for your page using the following naming convention:
    [Team short code]: [Domain] | [Subfolder] | [Page Name]
    ex: CSO: Learn.G2 | Hub | Account Based Marketing

2. Adjust Page Settings

  • Give your page a title (required)
  • Set up the URL content slug (required)
  • Add a meta description
  • Enable and add a featured image for social sharing if applicable
Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 6.40.55 PM

3. Add Page Content (Modules)

  • Click on the Content menu
  • Templates are broken up into 3 default sections:
    Top section for navigation
    A Main Header module
    A middle section for all your content modules
    A bottom section for the footer
  • In the middle section, click Add new module 
  • Choose an approved module (prefixed with "G2 -" and click the orange Add Module button to add it to your template
  • Update the module content and settings. See the web module reference for more detail.