Celebrating Employee Development: 120+ G2ers Reach Their Next Peak

June 3, 2022

The past year has been nothing short of extraordinary at G2. We hit remarkable milestones— 1.6M+ buyer reviews, 60M annual buyers, 150% YOY customer growth, and 100% of Fortune 500 businesses now use G2 to discover new software. 

And this month, we celebrate one more milestone. After wrapping up our annual performance review cycle in April, I’m thrilled to share that over 120 G2ers – across all teams and our four global offices – received promotions! This is the highest number of promotions in a single year at G2, and truly a testament to the world-class global team that we continue to build at G2. 

It’s no coincidence that we saw a record number of promotions after a record-breaking year. It’s the dedication, innovation, and teamwork of our people that drives our performance and our results. It’s the people that bring our PEAK values to life, put our plans into action, and take care of our customers. Because it’s only when our people grow, that the organization can grow.

And when it comes to growing and learning at G2, no two employees’ stories are the same. Each person has their own ambitions, motivations, and life circumstances that guide them down a unique path. With this most recent round of promotions, I want to share just a few of these stories of personal growth:

JuliaJulia Lynch is the newest member of the Investor Solutions team, a new team that was formed early 2021. After almost three years working with mid-market customers as a Relationship Manager, and then a Sr. Relationship Manager, Julia wanted to grow in a different direction and put her finance background to use.When I started at G2 in sales, my manager  provided intentional coaching which allowed me to get promoted after 18 months. The biggest things that helped me along my promotion journey were asking for feedback often and ‘acting like an owner’ through taking full accountability of my book of business. Getting to Investor Solutions started the same way — by telling my manager what I wanted next: to move teams and help grow the investor business. I highly recommend opening up to leadership about what you want out of your career. It has been instrumental in building trust and garnering support and advocacy!”

MillendarMillendar P joined G2 in July 2019 as an Outreach Team Lead and was promoted to Manager, Review Quality less than a year later. And with our most recent promotion cycle, Millendar is now Senior Manager, Review Quality. “G2 is a place where an individual's growth is cherished equally as the company's growth itself. I wonder how many companies out there invest in and stay really committed to empowering their people's growth. In my journey as a leader, I am proud to say that I have had the greatest sense of accomplishment in my professional life helping G2 scale over the past few years, while I was able to learn and grow in parallel." 

DaniellaDaniella Alscher started with our content marketing team in 2019. But Daniella expressed her passion and interest in design work, and with the support of management and leaders, joined the brand team. Now two years later, Daniella is our Senior Brand Designer. “Curiosity and play (along with a lot of support from peers and mentors) taught me 100% of what I know about brand and design. Pivoting from content marketing into brand design meant shifting from a comfort zone of rules and confidence into a world of questions without black and white answers; it opens doors and feels limitless. I’m grateful to those who put (and are still putting) their trust in me.”

It’s a special time to be at G2 right now. We’re growing rapidly but we’re also still agile enough to move and make changes quickly. From the people perspective, that means amazing career possibilities already exist, but also that amazing career possibilities are emerging all the time. In other words, you can find an existing path, or we can help carve out a path that is right for you. 

We make no secret of our ambitious goal — to be the most trusted and influential software marketplace in the world. But we know it’s not going to be easy, and the only way to get there is to help our people grow. That’s why our #1 strategic priority this year is to invest in our workforce with a focus on:

  • Growing our team around the world because big ambitions means new opportunities, and new opportunities means new roles. Bringing on more teammates is also vital to maintaining work-life balance for all. 
  • Conscious leadership so our leaders can coach, enable, and inspire each and every person on their teams to be the best they can be. Relationships with management are a critical factor in employee satisfaction. 
  • Building out thoughtful learning and development programs so every person can climb to their personal PEAK. This includes robust performance reviews, development plans, mentorship programs, educational and training stipends, and more. 
  • DEI and culture programs so all G2ers feel safe, welcome, and included. A person cannot grow to their full potential if they cannot bring their authentic selves to work and know that they are part of a community that is kind, supportive, and forgiving. 

In my time here at G2, I’ve had to learn a lot and I’ve had to learn quickly, especially in this challenging talent market. But if there’s one thing I know to be absolutely true, it’s that the growth and success of an organization is rooted in the growth and success of its employees. That’s why, here at G2, our people will always be our most important investment. 

Celebrating Employee Development: 120+ G2ers Reach Their Next Peak The past year has been nothing short of extraordinary at G2. We hit remarkable milestones— 1.6M+ buyer reviews, 60M annual buyers, 150% YOY customer growth, and 100% of Fortune 500 businesses now use G2 to discover new software. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/ES-120-Peak-LI-Hero.png
Priti Patel As Chief People Officer of G2, Priti Patel is responsible for accelerating the company’s global talent acquisition, onboarding, and development. She leads all aspects of G2’s employee success function including diversity, equity, and inclusion and also defines G2’s business and talent strategy as a core member of the global senior leadership team. Prior to officially joining the company in this role, Priti coached G2 executives on conscious leadership – and she continues to bring this mindset to the entire G2 leadership team, helping them to be more thoughtful leaders and embrace our team values. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/priti-patel.jpeg