Rethinking Wellness at G2: Our New Global Employee Wellness Program

September 6, 2022

Two-and-a-half years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, where and how we work is still shifting and evolving. Some companies are back to being fully on-site, some 100% remote, others—like G2— with a mix of hybrid and remote employees. For the Employee Success team here at G2, this has inspired us to build an even better employee experience no matter where our people work. 

As Manager of Office Operations, this meant I had to challenge myself to rethink our employee benefits that were previously tied to our physical offices, including our on-site fitness center in Chicago. When the pandemic and ‘The Great Resignation’ coincided, an important conversation emerged around employee mental health, work-life balance, and wellness. I knew this would be an opportunity for G2  to redefine what “wellness” means to us, and how to be more inclusive and meet the needs of our dispersed global team. 

G2’s benefits and perks are rooted in our belief that when an employee feels balanced in their life and healthy, they can be better teammates and bring their best selves to work. In fact, it’s part of our Leadership Principles. Principle four, “Lead Consciously,” includes the commitment of “Play and Rest” which encourages rest, renewal, and taking care of ourselves so we are energized and continually set up for success.

In the spirit of “Play and Rest,” we thoughtfully and diligently built our new Global Employee Wellness Program. Our goal was to build a program that would provide a flexible and inclusive wellness benefit that would allow our employees to choose the wellness activity that best fit their unique schedules, working locations, and individual goals. After months and months of work and cross-functional collaboration, I was thrilled to oversee the launch of the program to our 700 G2ers around the world! 

This is how our program works: Employees are given a stipend that is put into a Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA). The LSA can be used to pay for the wellness activities of their choice—whether it’s a traditional gym membership, investing in workout equipment, outdoor recreation, or even personal development like music classes or cooking lessons. 

For me, what I love about this program is knowing it will always be there for me to use—whether it subsidizes a larger purchase or covers a monthly subscription I select down the road. I’ve already taken a printmaking class and look forward to possibly taking yoga lessons in the future. Other G2ers are using the program in fun and and interesting ways as well:

“I’m using the wellness program to head out for a one day Green Laning and off-roading tour around the countyside of Worcestershire. I’ll be taking my 1994 Landrover Defender 90, wellies, tow rope, and an OS map. I’m not sure what it is about driving on unsurfaced roads and tracks through the deep countryside, but I love the freedom and challenge of driving an incredibly scenic and beautiful route that’s inaccessible to most.” - Will Spilsbury, Relationship Manager, EMEA

“I’ve started taking Muay Thai classes through our employee wellness program! Muay Thai has been a great way to try something new while exercising. You have to be intentional and controlled in this sport, so it’s been fun learning and perfecting the sequences. I’ve considered taking classes before, but was encouraged when this new  benefit was introduced.” - Sydney Hughes, Mid-Market Customer Success Manager, US

“I joined a club called LEAP, it’s a social professional platform specially designed for working women. I’ve met amazing entrepreneurs and engaging with other entrepreneurs gives me the confidence and boost “that I can do it too!” - Sowmya Mandyala, Employee Success Sr. Manager,  APAC

“I’m using the program for my ski pass. Skiing gives me the opportunity to get outside during the winter months, and there is nothing more grounding than looking at the Rockies and feeling so small. It’s also the perfect combination of spending time with friends while also being in nature, which fills my cup. “ - Tracey Landstrom, Director of Customer Success, US

The program is just a few months old, but so many G2ers have shared with me how excited they are about our global Employee Wellness Program. In the first month of offering this benefit, we saw 30% employee participation! While I’m thrilled about the smooth rollout and high utilization of the program, I’m even more thrilled that my fellow G2ers are finding more balance and taking care of themselves in ways that best suit them. 

Rethinking Wellness at G2: Our New Global Employee Wellness Program Two-and-a-half years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, where and how we work is still shifting and evolving. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/CultureBlog-EmployeeWellnessProgram-FeaturedImage-v2.jpg
Hannah McMaster Hannah McMaster is G2’s Employee Experience Manager and a working artist based in Chicago, IL. In her former role as Manager of Office Operations, Hannah oversaw much of G2’s office response to the COVID-19 pandemic, leading the company’s global office teams in keeping employees safe and productive during the shift to hybrid work. As a member of the Employee Experience team at G2, her goal is to improve the working lives of all G2ers by helping formalize the company’s Future of Work policies, centered on equity and flexibility. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/hannah-mcmaster.jpg