Factors.ai Brings Enhanced Measurement to G2 Customers

June 6, 2024

Measurement and attribution have always been crucial components of marketing. And with an increasing number of channels and touchpoints, coupled with rising pressure on marketers to prove value, it's more important and more difficult than ever. 

Marketers want to understand which channels drive higher conversions, what content influences buyers, and which campaigns have the biggest impact. While marketing technology is an essential component of any marketing strategy, its complexity often presents hurdles for effective measurement.

How Factors.ai is helping SaaS marketers measure the influence of G2 in the buyer’s journey

Measuring G2 is no different from measuring other channels, as G2 can be considered a channel  source of a lead or significant influence during the buyer's journey. Tech marketers ask themselves, "When do our buyers research on G2? What are they researching throughout the various buying stages? Which buyers convert better than others?" 

It's not an easy or definitive answer, as buyers can, and often do, use G2 throughout their buying journey.  G2’s marketplace supports discovering vendors, building out a shortlist, conducting in-depth research on a vendor, and then a final validation before making a decision.

Factors.ai has answered this call for measurement clarity by building an integration to help tech marketers better understand their performance and ROI with G2. The aim is to attribute results and gain deeper insights into the buyer journey relative to how buyers convert to website visits, leads, opportunities, and sales based on their research on G2. Tech marketers want to know the average conversion rate to a lead for a buyer viewing a G2 category page, versus when they research a vendor's G2 profile.

Factor.ai’s integration also helps marketers track their performance on G2 – including visibility into how buyers interact with G2 and other marketing channels. For example, what is the uplift in conversion when a buyer researches you on G2 and you use G2's Buyer Intent data to advertise to them on LinkedIn? And what behaviors paired with LinkedIn Advertising convert the best? And how much should you spend on LinkedIn based on a buyer's behavior on G2?

How does Factors.ai’s integration work?

Factors.ai has built an integration using G2 data meaning Factors.ai customers can now leverage the Buyer Intent data purchased from G2 directly in Factors.ai. This helps mutual customers of Factors.ai and G2 see how their buyers engage with G2 during their buyer journey and what conversion rates result. For example, was a buyer an existing lead who came to G2 to research your company (influence), or was your first interaction after they visited your G2 profile (inbound)?

Mutual customers can utilize their G2 data in conjunction with other data sources, such as LinkedIn, Google, HubSpot, and Salesforce. The approach helps to illustrate the complete buyer journey, showing touchpoints from the initial research on G2 leading to website visits, lead generation, opportunity creation, and closed sales across channels. Some engagements and  channels generate a higher volume of leads, while others provide higher conversion rates or drive more efficient sales. 

With Factors.ai’s integration, tech marketers can now visualize the entire buyer journey and evaluate each channel's performance – enabling them to more accurately and efficiently measure their ROI. 

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What can you understand & measure?

By using Factors.ai and G2 together, tech marketers can get a clearer picture of how and when G2 influences their buyers. Some examples of data points you will be able to see through this integration include:

  • What is the conversion rate to a website visit, lead, opportunity, & sale for buyers who visited my G2 profile? 
  • What is the increase in conversion rates when a buyer not only views my G2 profile, but also looks for pricing data? 
  • Which are the top Alternatives & Competitors pages where I see the highest conversions to website visits, leads, opportunities, and sales? 
  • What is the boost (or decrease) in conversions I see when a buyer does a competitive comparison between my product and key competitors? 
  • What is the increase in conversion rates when we advertise on LinkedIn after a buyer researches our profile on G2? 
  • What percentage of the buyers I reach out to via email are researching my product on G2 post my outreach, and what is the increase in response rates for those researching?
  • What percentage of my pipeline is initiated by buyers researching on G2?
  • What percentage of my pipeline is being influenced by G2?


Get access to Factors.ai’s integration today 

Factors.ai is excited to offer this integration to its mutual customers with G2. Measurement is a challenging area for tech marketers, and our goal is to help shed more light on the buying journey and identify which touchpoints lead to results. By understanding the entire journey, tech marketers will easily identify where they should focus and invest and better understand the ROI different channels deliver.

Gain more insights into your marketing analytics by measuring the value of G2 with Factors.ai today. Learn more here

Factors.ai Brings Enhanced Measurement to G2 Customers Factors.ai has built an integration to help tech marketers better understand their performance and ROI with G2. The aim is to measure results and gain deeper insights into the buyer journey and how buyers convert from G2 research into website visits, leads, opportunities, and sales. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/blurred%20featured%20image%20factorsai.png
Chris Perrine Chris Perrine is a seasoned leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the Asia Pacific region. Having co-founded Springboard Research and successfully exited to Forrester, he's also helped build IDC, ProductReview.com.au, as well as now leading G2's efforts in the region. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Chris.jpeg https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisperrine