So Helpful Its Unfair: Say Hello to Your G2 Insight Subscription

March 11, 2019

“A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.” Marshall McLuhan

As a research strategist, I know firsthand just how hard it is to collect and maintain competitive market and product intelligence. That said, I also know firsthand just how in-demand these insights are -- for product and sales strategists alike.

We’ve all been there:Trying to covertly collect competitive intel without drawing attention to yourself -- and feeling like an undercover spy. But this data helps drive your competitive and market strategies, and is absolutely critical for your prospects, customers, product roadmap -- and even executive team. Knowing just how hard it is to collect this data -- and just how vital it can be -- we’re excited to introduce: the Insight Subscription.

What is the Insight Subscription?

Our Insight Subscription gives product marketers, product managers, and competitive intelligence strategists exclusive access to in-depth competitive and market data to help you stay in lockstep with buyers -- and a step ahead of the competition, with tailored comparative analysis of your category.

What kind of data, you ask?

  • Product Replacement data gives you data straight from users on why they switched to or from solutions - all without having to spend the time and energy on discovery calls, interviews, or surveys.  

  • Benchmark data helps you to understand how product releases and new features impact user satisfaction by tracking changes in user responses each quarter.

  • Momentum data helps you gain a better understanding of which products in your space are experiencing rapid growth/expansion, and which products are falling behind.

  • Pricing data helps you to learn how users perceive the value they receive, compared to what they’re paying for and how that data compares to user feelings on the competition.

If you think you know what your competitors are doing, but don’t have the verifiable, unbiased data to back it up, it’s hard to make the right calls to win in your category. Thanks to G2’s Insight Subscription, we can help.

The Insight Subscription isn’t only for product strategists and competitive intel teams -- it’s for anyone looking for competitive and market insights. Use G2 data internally to enhance products, services, and market position. Set up time to chat with us and get your company’s product, customer, and market insights today -- and win tomorrow.

Happy selling (and innovating)!