The Rise of Sales Engagement Software

September 25, 2018

Companies and decision makers today have access to more technology solutions than ever before. Maybe that's why it's never been harder for sales teams to cut through the noise to connect with prospects in a meaningful way.

G2 Crowd's newest software category, Sales Engagement, is helping sales team do just that, and more.

Increasing sales productivity has never been more important for businesses—and has never been more challenging. Sales professionals today say that prospecting is the most difficult part of the sales process. And it's only getting harder.  

The good news? 

Sales Engagement solutions are rising to the challenge to help teams sell smarter and G2 Crowd has everything you need to know about this emerging software category. 

What is Sales Engagement Software?

Sales engagement software enables companies to combine their sales and marketing efforts to create personalized and automated sales journeys; these can include emails, calls, social posts, meetings, and text messages. With these solutions, teams can report on the effectiveness of specific messaging and tactics while also reducing administrative tasks for sales representatives.

Sales engagement software will integrate with existing sales and marketing solutions to drive scale and efficiency. Integrations are often available with CRM Software, Email Software, Email Tracking Software, Outbound Call, Tracking Software, Sales Intelligence software , Lead Intelligence Providers, or Sales Enablement Software, among others.

Why is Sales Engagement Software on the rise?

When it comes to leveraging technology in the sales processes, sales professionals often find themselves between a rock and a hard place. There’s more technology tools available than ever before, but at the same time buyers have become indifferent and unresponsive to automated, out-of-the-box emails, social posts, and calls.

Long story short: sales organizations are tasked with reaching more prospects while bringing a personal touch to every conversation.

That’s where Sales Engagement comes in.

Borrowing from marketing strategies, sales engagement tools have sought out to introduce efficiencies into the sales process AND set a new standard for engaging prospects. Previously, marketers recognized that automated tools could enable highly personalized, scalable campaigns that were coordinated across communication channels. Now sales organizations can leverage this same methodology.

Sales Engagement helps business development, marketing, sales operations, and, of course, sales representatives, coordinate communication across channels, enables personalization at scale, and helps teams test, track, and analyze what messaging works best.

What’s next?

According to G2Crowd’s Research Principal Josh Whitaker, most of the players in this category began as point solutions for email tracking, sales content management or sales coaching, and have become much more cohesive, strategic solutions for sales teams. We can expect much more innovation from new players to the market as they continue expand their functionality to serve more personalized customer use cases

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