Reach 2019:, LIVE

August 28, 2019

“Wait,” said Godard, my boss, G2’s CEO.

“What did you say?” He was smiling.

“,” I said, “but LIVE.

Godard sipped some coffee. “That’s what I thought you said,” he put the cup down. “Go on...”

At G2, we love reviews.

Our platform is built on reviews, fueled by them. But we also know reviews are just a means to an end, a means to growth and assurance, confidence. Buyers don’t go to to only read reviews. Buyers use our platform to get the guidance they need to select the right software, meet their goals, and reach their potential — whatever that may be. 

Buyers use G2 to learn from other buyers.

Without the tens of millions of businesses who use G2 every year (and the tens of thousands of reviewers who share their experiences) wouldn’t exist. So when it came time to design Reach 2019, G2’s first-ever conference, we wanted to honor that fact… 

We wanted to foster an environment that supported our aspirational mission, where people could meet, share, learn, and grow. 

We wanted to create  a LIVE version of

We wanted in real life, without the pixels. 

We started by inviting the best marketers, sales leaders, and entrepreneurs in the country to present. And true to our ethos, these speakers aren’t pay-to-play. They didn’t solicit us to present a veiled sales pitch. They were invited because they have something authentic to share, something valuable. 

Melissa Hartwig. Neil Patel. Meredith Kopit Levien. Eric Yuan. Meghan Anderson. Mark Roberge. Steven Galanis. Dave Gerhardt. Jamie Gilpin. Sydney Sloan. Jeremy Bloom. Joe Fuca. Steli Efti. Sangram Vajre. Thank you all. We’re so lucky to be there with you… and that brings me to my next point: we’re all there together.  

Revel Fulton Market is a beautiful, unique, one-room venue where everyone — attendees and presenters — can connect and share what they know, good or bad, so long as it’s respectful and authentic.

And it just so happens…

There’s a lot to share. 

Tech is changing. 
Systems are changing. 
Human behavior is changing. 

The way people buy things is changing. And that means the way marketers market and sellers sell must change in tandem. Reach 2019 is all about addressing this shift -- the problems it creates, and the solutions to those hurdles. 

And it’s about doing it LIVE, together with your peers, honestly and authentically, just like you would on

“Wait,” said Godard.

“You want to do all of this — host all of those attendees and speaker sessions — in a one-room venue?

“Yes,” I said. “But let me explain.” I was smiling.

Want to know how we do it? You’ll just have to see for yourself...

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