Celebrating G2’s Legal Team Growth & Promotion of Eunice Buhler to General Counsel

April 4, 2023

In January 2022, we welcomed Eunice Buhler to G2 as our Vice President and Head of Legal. Today, we are pleased to announce that Eunice has been promoted to General Counsel, a new position at G2. In just one year, she has developed a world-class legal department – growing the team 150% – and working closely with all business units of the company.

As a fast-growing tech company valued at over $1B, it’s critical that we rely on our trusted bench of lawyers who help us reach our next stage of growth. Most recently, Eunice and her team were instrumental in guiding us through the Silicon Valley Bank situation. This is just one example where we saw G2 Legal quickly and seamlessly collaborate with another department – in this case, Finance – to help protect our business and employees.

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Developing an Innovative, Dynamic Legal Department

In many organizations, Legal is a siloed department — reactive to requests and often perceived as a bottleneck. Not at G2, and not under Eunice’s watch. Under Eunice’s leadership, G2’s Legal department plays offense, not just defense.

Beyond the collaboration with Finance, our Legal department continually works alongside other G2 teams. Notably, they’ve fostered a tight relationship with Sales, working hand-in-hand to help close deals. Legal also works closely with Product, innovating and contributing to the building of new products.

I share this all to say that not only do we now have a mature Legal department at G2, but it’s innovative, dynamic, and deeply immersed within the top-notch culture here. Two particular examples of this come to mind:

  1. At G2, we host monthly Innovation Pulse meetings among our global staff. Product R&D runs the meetings, but any team with updates to share can present. Legal jumped at the opportunity, showcasing how they’ve innovated the way we document our business arrangements with customers and suppliers, creating new efficiencies. This was done in a Steve Jobs style presentation, black turtlenecks included!

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  2. During a recent global internal All-hands meeting, Eunice presented a new segment that will take place at each of our monthly All-Hands meetings called, “60 Seconds with Legal.” No black turtleneck this time, but attendees could hear the sound of a clock ticking from CBS News’ ‘60 Minutes’ television program. During her brief presentation, Eunice explained the process at G2 for signing a contract and where to go for further information.

Following both of these staff-wide presentations, employees requested additional training and development opportunities with our Legal team. It’s clear that this department is getting the hard work done behind the scenes – from navigating the SVB collapse, to supporting Sales in winning deals, to lobbying for legislation on the weekends. But, beyond this, they also have managed to do what most Legal teams can’t: make Legal issues approachable – and even fun – for the staff. Our innovative, dynamic Legal team, led by Eunice, is helping G2 differentiate while contributing to the growth of our business.

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Driving Continued Growth with Strategic Partnerships Across the Business

Arun Mathew, Partner at Accel – a G2 investor – has been impressed by G2’s Legal department’s growth and impact in just the past year, noting the following:

  • "It has been great to see the legal team at G2 working across functions, contributing to the efforts of finance, sales, and product teams. Eunice's leadership has been instrumental in fostering this collaboration. As a result, the team is strong and well positioned to capitalize on the tremendous growth opportunities ahead."

And in her own words, here’s how Eunice describes G2 Legal’s unique approach:

  • “As far as tech companies go, I can proudly say that our in-house Legal team at G2 has the best strategic partnerships out there. We’ve done this – and continue to do so – by innovating alongside the business and partnering with each department to help them reach their goals. I couldn’t be prouder to lead this accomplished team.”

Please join me in congratulating Eunice on her promotion to G2’s first-ever General Counsel and to the full Legal team for helping us scale our business over the past year. We look forward to continuing this momentum and partnership in the years to come.

Celebrating G2’s Legal Team Growth & Promotion of Eunice Buhler to General Counsel G2 promotes Eunice Buhler to serve as the company’s first General Counsel as its Legal team has grown 150%, innovated new approaches, and driven immediate impact for the business over the past year. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/BlogPost-LegalTeamMomentum-FeaturedImage@2x.png
Godard Abel Godard Abel is the co-founder and CEO of G2. He previously built cloud CPQ pioneers BigMachines (acquired by Oracle) and SteelBrick (acquired by Salesforce). https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Vendor%20Microsite/landing/headshot-godard@2x.png https://www.linkedin.com/in/godardabel/