Five New Upgrades to G2’s AI Monty

May 24, 2023

AI is moving fast and so are we.

Monty is rapidly evolving in his role of being your trusted software advisor. Since Monty's launch last month, we've been focused on tuning the way he uses our 2+ million reviews to recommend the best software for any given user. We realize that “best recommendations” is subjective, so to provide the best possible experience for users we have implemented several advancements:

  1. Thought Bubbles: Have you ever wondered what Monty is thinking? Now, you can catch a glimpse of Monty's mind through thought bubbles, providing you with valuable insight into how Monty assists in finding the perfect software for your specific requirements. To explore this feature, simply click on the 'See processing' thought bubble to view Monty's work.

  1. Plug-ins: We have introduced several interactive plug-ins within the chat interface to enhance the user experience with Monty. Some examples are:
  • Add to List: Users can conveniently add items to their list directly from the chat window, streamlining the process.

  • Grids: Users can now interact with G2 Grid directly within the interface, providing them with a seamless and efficient experience. 

  1. Embeddings: To enhance Monty's understanding of products, we have incorporated G2 data through ChatGPT embeddings. This is resolving early user feedback for making Monty recommend the highest-rated products on G2 that align with their specific needs and ensuring that links to G2 product profiles and category pages function flawlessly.
  2. Chatbot for Sellers on G2: Monty now has access to our comprehensive G2 documentation database. This innovation empowers sellers to quickly access best practices for managing their G2 profiles, operationalizing tools like G2 Buyer Intent, and implementing G2 integrations.
  3. Feedback Mechanisms: Leveraging the power of the crowd, we have introduced a new feedback mechanism, with more to come:
  • Sentiment Scoring using LLM Sentiment Analysis: By analyzing the text in discussions with Monty, we can evaluate how effectively Monty is meeting the needs of each individual user. This provides valuable insights for continuous improvement.

Thanks to the valuable feedback and support from our users, Monty is evolving into an indispensable software advisor. Together, we are shaping the future of AI.

Keep the chatting going and feedback coming!

If you haven’t chatted with Monty already to help you discover software for your business, or want to chat again, you can start here. As we mentioned, the more people that use Monty, the smarter he will get.

Five New Upgrades to G2’s AI Monty Since launching G2’s AI-powered software advisor Monty last month, the G2 Labs team has been busy collecting feedback to improve Monty over time. Built on ChatGPT, Monty now has four new upgrades that make him even more helpful to researching and selecting B2B software.
Tim Handorf Tim Handorf is a G2 co-founder and Head of G2 Labs.