Introducing G2’s ChatGPT Plugin: Transforming the B2B Software Research Experience with AI

August 28, 2023

Earlier this year, we introduced the first-ever AI-powered business software advisor: G2’s Monty. We did this by pointing ChatGPT at the expansive universe of G2 data: 2M+ reviews, 150,000+ software product and service listings, 120,000+ vendors, and 2,000+ different software categories. 

Since then, we’ve continued innovating Monty, rolling out improvements and new use cases. And today, we’re unveiling our latest innovation in the AI space: an official G2 ChatGPT Plugin.

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Use the G2 ChatGPT Plugin to streamline your software search

Much like Apps on your iPhone, OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plugins are designed to enhance the capabilities of ChatGPT Plus users on GPT-4. More specifically, G2’s Plugin empowers you to access G2’s Monty directly within one of the world's most beloved generative AI tools.

With the G2 ChatGPT Plugin, your software search becomes more efficient than ever. Search for, compare, and decide on software with expert recommendations powered by G2 data. Make data-driven choices with confidence and explore the world of software solutions effortlessly.

GPT-4 Users, try the G2 ChatGPT Plugin today

Ready to experience the future of AI-powered software recommendations? The G2 ChatGPT Plugin is available to ChatGPT Plus users on GPT-4, offering an unparalleled opportunity to simplify the software discovery process and help users make informed choices in real-time.

Looking to try G2’s ChatGPT plugin for free? Test drive the new feature by clicking here.

Watch our G2 teammates' video to see how simple it is to find, enable, and use ChatGPT's G2 Plugin.