G2 Buyer Intent Announces Four New ABM Integrations

October 5, 2021

A New Age of Software Buying

We’re thrilled to announce G2 Buyer Intent has integrated with four additional ABM platforms, furthering G2’s efforts to help software sellers adapt to an evolving buying landscape.

Demandbase, 6sense, Rollworks, and Triblio have joined our existing ABM integration stack, which includes LinkedIn Matched Audiences, Terminus, and Metadata. Now, G2 Buyer Intent customers have access to a total of seven ABM integrations.

Buyer Intent & Marketing, Automated

With Buyer Intent ABM integrations, sellers can automate intent data directly into their platform of choice, saving valuable time and boosting targeting effectiveness.

ABM platforms and G2 Buyer Intent paired together bridges a critical gap in pinpointing high intent, in-market leads while also identifying current customers researching competitors. Intent signals capture G2 profile visits, content visits, category visits, and competitor visits, uncovering where buyers are at in their purchase journey.

High Intent Accounts & Segmented Targeting Strategy

In today’s consumerized software buying environment, it’s increasingly important to focus messaging on ideal accounts who have a high likelihood of buying from your company. Linking an ABM platform with G2 Buyer Intent automatically focuses marketing on targeting those in-market accounts with personalized, pre-built campaigns tailored to the research buyers are conducting on G2.com. Ultimately, the result is a lower cost per lead.

ABM: A Critical Channel

Evidenced in our Annual Software Behavior Report, it’s apparent that the days of marketing to individual contacts are fading. Our report found that the average number of people involved in a single purchase decision increased by 20% in 2021. G2’s own data also reflects a growing interest in ABM: traffic and ABM searches on the G2 marketplace grew nearly 80% in the first half of 2021 compared to the same timeframe in 2020.

Adapting to rapidly changing buying behavior by integrating ABM platforms with Buyer Intent is vital for coordinated marketing and sales success. Directly accessing Buyer Intent data equips sales and marketing teams with the insights needed to contact the right buyers, convert faster, and gain a competitive advantage.

“With G2 Buyer Intent integrations, ABM strategies are turbocharged by first-party data, also giving marketing professionals the ability to deliver targeted, personalized campaigns like never before.”
-Amanda Malko

Timely, Optimized Outreach

G2 is proud to offer seven top ABM platform integrations. G2 Buyer Intent customers now have direct, immediate access to platforms paired with first-party data that create automated, relevant, and timely advertisements to the accounts that matter most.

Interested in G2 Buyer Intent’s ABM integrations? Head here to learn more.

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