Manual Data Extraction Making You Crabby? Meet G2's CRM Connector to Salesforce®

November 12, 2019

I love crab meat, but I really don’t like working for it. Delicious as the meat is, I resent the tedious process I have to go through to get it. 

crab triptych

And that’s how almost every Sales or Customer Success rep I’ve ever spoken to feels about G2 Buyer Intent data. The data, invaluable as it is, couldn’t be more tedious to manually extract. Sure, logging into my.G2 is a snap. And within two clicks, you’ve got a wealth of account behaviors staring you right back in the face: companies checking out your profile, your software category, and even your competitors — amazing insight, all dripping with butter. 

But then what? Manually download a .CSV? Sift through, line-by-line, to decide who’s worth the outreach, which accounts should be updated, and who’s at risk? And then continue to do this...every day

no time

We feel your pain, and think you deserve to have your crab meat and eat it too.

Introducing G2 CRM Connector App to Salesforce®: the fastest, easiest way to transfer your G2 Buyer Intent, Content, References, and Reviews directly into your Salesforce instance automatically, at the account level.

All meat. No work. 

The G2 CRM Connector to Salesforce® enables teams to: 

—> Discover More Business: Wondering where your buyers are in their customer journey? Associate Buyer Intent data with existing accounts and leads and get notified whenever your target accounts are conducting research on G2. Reach out to the right contact with the right message, at the right time. 

—> Close More Business: Need consumer feedback backup to support your sales collateral? Simplify the sharing of your customers’ voice by pulling G2 Content directly into Salesforce® to empower easy sharing of G2 reviews, Reference Pages, and reports with lower-funnel customers and prospects — directly from Salesforce®.

—> Retain More Business: Who’s a better reference than a satisfied customer? By mapping your customer reviews to the corresponding accounts in Salesforce®, you can identify both brand advocates and at-risk accounts in real time. This allows you to gauge customer satisfaction, and put their feedback to work for you by improving products and messaging as you go to market.

So don’t hurt yourself. Put down the fork and knife (and the manual downloads and data input) and unleash the full power of your G2 products all from within Salesforce®.

Manual Data Extraction Making You Crabby? Meet G2's CRM Connector to Salesforce® Find, close, and save deals in real time using G2 Buyer Intent data and reviews for Salesforce.
Aubyn Casady Aubyn Casady is a Principal Product Marketing Manager at G2.