G2 + 6sense Drive More, Verified Buyer Intent Data for G2 Customers

March 17, 2022

For B2B marketing and sales pros, Intent data is a real game-changer. And with over 6 million in-market buyers coming to G2 every month to research their next software purchase, our G2 Buyer Intent offering helps companies learn who’s looking at their product, their category, and their competitors.

But we’re not stopping there…because we know that through continued innovation and strategic partnerships, we can help our customers glean even more verified, actionable insights. The latest example of how customers can go further with Intent data comes from G2’s expanded partnership with 6sense – tapping into the company’s account identification technology, 6signal Graph.

The impact of this expanded partnership? We’ve seen Buyer Intent match rate nearly double our ability to identify organizations browsing on G2.com. Customers of G2 Buyer Intent will now see even more verified data volume in all use cases for every region (AMER, APAC, and EMEA) and every segment (SMB, MM, ENT).

G2 and 6sense mutual customers especially benefit, with a higher volume of G2 Buyer Intent and 6sense ABM capabilities consolidated in a single platform. Create dynamic audiences and ad targeting workflows that are triggered by specific G2 Buyer Intent behaviors. This means whether there is a newly identified account showing high intent, an in-funnel lead doing further research, or an existing customer shopping around, marketers can serve relevant, timely advertising to the accounts that matter most.

G2’s partnership with 6sense and the 6signal Graph enables customers to:

  • Uncover prospective accounts: Accounts not already on your target account list may still be conducting relevant research online, signaling a need for your solution. 6signal increases the ability to identify their account-level data, and G2 + 6sense empowers your awareness campaign to drive them into your funnel.
  • Automate a high quality funnel: Create pre-built workflows that turn previously unknown accounts into known, engaged buyers — automatically — by targeting exactly when those buyers are in-market and researching on G2.com.
  • Target the right, high-intent accounts: Identify target accounts interested in your solution and with a high likelihood of purchasing from you. Incorporate Intent data into 6sense campaign segments and tailor messaging based on their interactions with G2.com.

Some might say more data is a B2B marketer’s dream, but more data is only helpful if it’s verified and actionable. Stop wasting ad dollars, and start growing intent-driven revenue. Learn more about G2 Buyer Intent and our partnership with 6sense.