Exclusive Offer for G2 Buyer Intent Users: Supercharge Sales Outreach with ZoomInfo Contact Data

December 12, 2023

Sales pros around the globe can all relate to a common frustration: having a vast list of well-fit accounts to reach out to, but lacking any contact in your database. Then, the thrill of discovery turns into a tedious hunt for contact information. 

AEs, SDRs, BDRs, we feel your pain…which is why we’re pleased to share today that the power and scale of ZoomInfo’s B2B data is now available as a free trial offer for G2 Buyer Intent customers. This includes access to ZoomInfo's B2B database of 50M+ direct dial phone numbers and 129M+ verified email addresses, so users can personalize engagement with data-driven sales intelligence. 

G2 Buyer Intent + ZoomInfo  = faster path to hitting targets

With this new integration from G2 and ZoomInfo, all G2 Buyer Intent customers will now be able to:

  • Prioritize the right accounts. It’s believed that only 5% of a company’s potential buyers are actually in-market at a given time. Fortunately, G2 Buyer Intent reveals which accounts are in-market right now and primed for outreach, and ZoomInfo reveals recommendations for individuals to reach out to at those accounts. It’s also worth noting that G2 Buyer Intent includes technographic data, sharing information on an account’s tech stack – so sellers can meet prospects where they are to align with their existing tools. 
  • Unlock decision-maker and buying committee contact data for your ICP. Sales pros can pair the accounts actively researching their business on G2 with suggested contacts from ZoomInfo. This integration shares  the most relevant contacts that match each user’s target persona profile, and includes each contact’s job title, location, and email address. With an intent activity timeline coupled with fresh, precise information, sellers can ensure all their outreach goes to the right personas. 
  • Eliminate manual research deciding who to reach out to, and spend more time sellingResearch finds that only 28% of sales reps’ time is spent selling, as they’re consumed by other tasks like deal management and data entry. Without the right tools, sellers are stuck with manual, tedious prospecting workflows that fall short of pipeline targets. G2 and ZoomInfo join their data forces in my.G2 to streamline prospecting so sellers can focus on reaching their pipeline targets faster. 

Access this free trial of ZoomInfo’s data… with no technical implementation required!

If you love intent data but don't have the tech stack to support outbound efforts with contact data,   or – like many – have a lean outbound team with limited resources, you’re going to love this integration. Even better, this free trial integration gives Buyer Intent customers access to 50 contacts every month, for 6 months, directly inside of the my.G2 interface. 

With no need for technical implementation or a systems admin, activate this integration right from the my.G2 integration hub and prepare for quicker time-to-value with G2 Buyer Intent. Let's sprint towards those sales targets with more confidence and efficiency! Request a demo for this integration today.

Exclusive Offer for G2 Buyer Intent Users: Supercharge Sales Outreach with ZoomInfo Contact Data G2 and ZoomInfo have introduced a new integration to power sales outreach efforts for G2 Buyer Intent customers. Through a free trial offer, this powerful combination brings direct access to ZoomInfo's vast B2B contact database and tailored-fit ICP leads, driving higher sales efficiency. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/MyG2-Zoominfo_blog-feature.png
Rachel Gianfredi Principal Product Marketer, Partnerships & Integrations at G2. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/RachelGianfrediG2_HS_20220217_528-0528.jpg https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-gianfredi