G2 Introduces Interactive Demos

March 2, 2023

Product Led Growth (PLG) has been defined as “a strategy that relies on using your product as the main vehicle to acquire, activate, and retain customers.” With this approach on the rise, it’s never been more important to embrace creative ways to showcase your products and solutions.

Gone are days when software buyers would purchase without a beloved product demo. And while buyers are not always ready to hop on a sales call, they are typically open to learning more about a product or solution — outside of researching software company websites and G2.com reviews.

Catering to software buyers’ needs with more resources to guide their self-serve purchasing journeys

This is where interactive product demos come in, providing prospects and customers with a first-hand walk through of your product(s), without the need to speak with a sales representative. Buyers often like to conduct research on their own, so self-guided, interactive demos help enable this type of experience, meeting buyers where they are.

Additionally, we know from our 2022 Software Buyer Behavior Report that software decision makers ranked “ROI within six months” and “ease of use” as their second and third most important buying considerations. Demos like these can take buyers behind the curtain and show them exactly how a product works and how likely it is to make a quick impact for their needs.

These demos can be done on a software buyer’s own time, but still provide a deeper level of information from the vendor to help them determine – more quickly and easily– if a piece of software meets their needs. The result is win-win: more informed software buyers can help software companies close deals faster and gather a pipeline of qualified leads.

Getting started with self guided product tours to your G2 Profile

At G2, setting up interactive demos in your my.G2 Account is easy. We’ve partnered with a number of interactive demo providers — Navattic, Tourial, Reprise, Walnut, Storylane, Consensus, TestBox, Demostack, Guideflow, ScreenSpace, and Relayto— to help. Once a tour is set up in any of these platforms, simply add the demo URL, preview image, and save. And just like that, your demo is up and running on the G2 Marketplace for millions of in-market software buyers to interact with.

There is no coding required, so your team can share more of your product with the world! Plus, each of our partners offers analytics to measure the success of your tours—helping you meet your buyers where they’re at.

Keep an eye out for G2 Interactive Demos throughout the marketplace and upload yours today!

G2 Introduces Interactive Demos G2 has introduced Interactive Demo Tours, a new feature for self-guided product tours directly within G2 Product Profiles. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Blog%20Image%20-%20Announcing%20Interactive%20Demo%20Tours_1480x800-Blog-image.png
Nicole Cuillo Nicole is a Product Marketing Manager at G2. Nicole’s team collaborates with our Product team to bring new products and features to market. Prior to G2, she worked in the Healthcare and Collaboration Software space. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/headshot-1.jpg https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolecuillo