G2 + Sendoso Integration Takes Incentivized Review Campaigns to the Next Level With First Gifting Integration of its Kind

March 6, 2024

Are you truly "customer obsessed?” For most B2B sales, marketers, and product teams, this phrase resonates deeply, embodying a commitment to putting customers at the forefront of everything they do.

Tapping into the power of feedback isn't just a strategy though; it's a necessity for achieving growth and staying intimately connected with your customer base. G2 reviews foster trust, credibility, and loyalty among both potential customers and prospects. At the same time, Sendoso’s sending platform creates personal connections with memorable gifts to boost engagement and outreach success.

Recognizing the importance of driving reviews and giving reviewers what they want (literally!), G2 and Sendoso have joined forces to introduce the first review gifting integration of its kind. What better way to say thank you for your reviewer’s time and insights than giving them the option to select their very own gift! 

Add a human touch to review requests with gift incentives powered by Sendoso 

With this integration, G2 and Sendoso customers can:

  • Create customer joy with a personal touch: Connect Sendoso and your G2 review campaigns to present a range of incentives in exchange for customer feedback. Be one of the first G2 sellers to spread the love by sending physical gifts through Sendoso once a G2 review is approved. 
  • Motivate reviewers with a new ‘thank you’ for their feedback: G2 offers over 10 ways to collect reviews through tools and services. Providing a physical gift as a token of appreciation to those who update their reviews is a great way to remain customer obsessed and stay on top of current customer sentiment. 
  • Diversify your review collection strategy: Already asked for reviews? No problem!  A diverse review collection strategy helps vendors keep reviews current, consistent, and relevant. Use a gift to re-engage and incentivize review updates for those who have previously not taken advantage of a previous incentive. 

How to get started with G2 + Sendoso to level up your review collection strategy today

At the heart of every successful B2B business lies a strong connection with its customers, so we’re making it easy to make the connection between G2 and Sendoso. For active G2 and Sendoso customers, admins of both systems can activate this integration at my.G2.com. Not a G2 customer yet? Talk to a rep today to learn more and get access to this integration. 

G2 + Sendoso Integration Takes Incentivized Review Campaigns to the Next Level With First Gifting Integration of its Kind G2 and Sendoso have teamed up to create the first review gifting integration of its kind to help G2 sellers gather more reviews while delighting their customers with physical gifts. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Integration-Sendoso-BlogFeaturedImage@2x.png
Nicole Cuillo Nicole is a Product Marketing Manager at G2. Nicole’s team collaborates with our Product team to bring new products and features to market. Prior to G2, she worked in the Healthcare and Collaboration Software space. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/headshot-1.jpg https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolecuillo