G2’s PEAK Performers & Givers - Spring 2021

April 29, 2021

Deep in G2’s DNA is a commitment to four guiding principles: performance, entrepreneurship, authenticity, and kindness. We strive to exemplify PEAK culture in everything we do, from our services to the way we approach self-growth. 

Each month, we highlight G2ers who embody our values through and through. Nominated by peers, recognized company-wide, we’re grateful for everything these PEAK Award winners contribute.

Caroline Celis
Director, Business Development

What was your greatest professional highlight in 2020 or 2021?  

In 2020, 5 people were promoted off my team into other roles at G2. It’s the best part of my job. Those are 5 people who got to take their next career step, find a new challenge, start to earn more money. All of that is serious life-altering, happiness-inducing stuff. 

I can see them (even from afar) thriving in those roles. They are hitting and exceeding expectations, getting great shout outs from other G2ers. They’re happy. They are the reason they got promoted--I am not. But I am just so happy I got to be on one stop along the way. 

It’s beyond me so I don’t want to say it's “my highlight” but it’s certainly THE highlight. That's the great work, the fulfilling stuff. I promise you it’s not the salesforce reporting, hah. 

What do you enjoy about G2's Community & Culture?  

Our culture has opened the door for so many conversations I previously thought I could only have outside work with family or friends. I love how open we are to discuss very real issues going on in the world. We don’t get to work and pretend those things aren't happening and aren’t affecting the folks we work with. Most importantly, we give grace to each other for not always saying the right things as long as we're trying to be better and learn and impact change where we can. 

Work is a really great, really special, really necessary place to have these conversations in my opinion. Work-life thrusts you into an environment with different people from all walks of life--so it’s great to get differing perspective on real issues I feel like I haven’t had since I was in school. Helps me get out of the vacuum of my friends and family and expand my scope. 

Who's an influential person or life experience that has helped define who you are?

When I was 23, one of my closest friends Ty unexpectedly passed away. It was a shell shock to my system. It reframed literally everything I do and how I approach my life in general. It’s sad to say that I’m not really sure I was a grateful person before then. Now I approach life really "in the moment". I try to be very grateful for what I have in terms of people in my life, opportunities, and even things. I obsessively tell my friends I love them. They probably think I’m crazy. 

I really try to reflect on accomplishments and failures much more thoughtfully. I think I was just floating through life before. Now I’m more intentional, more grateful, more thoughtful. I just care so much more about everything honestly. If there’s a silver lining to this sort of thing it’s that it jolts you into a new perspective. 

Praveen Kumar
Data Operations Associate

What was your greatest professional highlight in 2020 or 2021?  

I joined G2 as a Data Operations Associate in March 2020. I had no prior knowledge or experience in this role but with the continuous support of Tim McCarthy, Asterix, and Lubdhak I understood what was expected out of me. The initial few months were very challenging for me as I had to learn and perform. Today, I am happy to say that I could track around $195M of spend related to software for our customers.

What do you enjoy about G2's Community & Culture?  

G2's PEAK culture helps me to achieve both professional and personal aspirations. I always feel being motivated and appreciated for what I do.

Who's an influential person or life experience that has helped define who you are?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, is my inspiration. I always believe in his quote, "Process is more important than the result, the result is just a by-product of the process."

Kirstin Powdrill
Community & Culture Specialist 

What was your greatest professional highlight in 2020?  

Winning PEAK Professional of the Year at G2 (2020) is my greatest professional highlight to date. Having the award announced by hip-hop legend Doug E. Fresh was the icing on the cake. 

I started G2 in August 2019 as an Executive Assistant and a year later I was promoted to Community & Culture Specialist. Honestly, I was nervous and excited about the role. It was a new challenge that allowed me to be innovative, vulnerable, and authentic. I worked hard to build a community that celebrates G2ers' diversity, authenticity, and passions. Knowing that my peers, coworkers, and leadership recognized and rewarded my work means a lot. 

Who's an influential person or life experience that has helped define who you are?

My Mom, Tina Wise, is the epitome of a classy, intelligent, and confident black woman. My Mom raised my two big brothers and me as a single mother in Hyde Park, Chicago. She always put an emphasis on our education and exposure. She also inspired me to join Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.--the first African American sorority--during college. My Mom’s sacrifices and love helped define the woman I am today. 

What do you enjoy about G2's Community & Culture?  

The G2 Community is a combination of G2 Together (DEI program) and G2 Gives (philanthropy program). 

I love attending the G2 Together Live Chats--authentic stories about G2ers and told by G2ers. Also, I enjoy the variety of holidays we celebrate from Diwali, MLK Day of Service, and Veterans’ Day. 

My favorite G2 Gives event in 2020 was the G2 Goes Pink fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. G2ers helped raise $10,000 for the American Cancer Society. A month later, our male employees competed in a mustache competition to support Movember (Men’s Health Month). Whether it’s attending an event, sharing stories, or fundraising, the G2 Community always shows up and supports.

We’re always looking for more PEAK Performers and Givers to join our global team. To learn more about G2’s culture and open opportunities, please visit our Careers page.