G2 Introduces Product Suites: The One-Stop Shop for Software Sellers’ Suite, Platform, and Cloud Offerings

October 26, 2022

A 2018 ComputerWeekly.com article declared that “software suites will dominate the business applications market.” While demand for best-of-breed solutions certainly remains today, the rise of software suites is undeniable.

Our G2 marketplace features over 137,000 different products from 100,000 vendors across over 2,100 software categories. Most software sellers offer more than one solution — with many providing a full suite of products. To help these companies better communicate their multiple offerings in one place on G2, while also giving enterprise software buyers a new avenue to research and compare offerings at platform or suite level, we’re introducing G2 Product Suites.

G2 Product Suites is the one-stop shop for a seller’s specific software suite, platform, or cloud offering on G2. It offers sellers a place — via a dedicated profile — to represent their product offerings at a suite or platform level, while also helping buyers purchase related products needed to achieve their goals.

A new way for software sellers to go to market more holistically, offering enterprise buyers a more streamlined research journey

Sellers and buyers alike can visit Product Suite Profiles to view all reviews, pricing, and information by product from one place, removing the need to switch between multiple profiles. With this new offering, buyers can also determine the best-fit solution for their organization with a holistic view of products that work well together at the suite, platform, or cloud level.

Ultimately, they can see a true solution to their problems or needs, as opposed to just a single product view. As Product Suites aggregate user-generated content in one place, buyers can visit a single destination to visit all assets and reviews for all products in a suite, guiding them to explore related products in their buying journey.

Visit the G2 Marketplace today to see Product Suites in action

Software sellers, ensure your brand is elevated and representative of your holistic solution approach and claim your Product Suites profile with a Free plan, or upgrade your profile by purchasing our Essential plan. Be sure to customize your Product Suite profile too, to accurately represent how you bring your solutions to buyers while maintaining your personal brand and voice.

Ready to get started? Reach out to your G2 Account Reps to help you maximize your Product Suite(s); they’ll also be reaching out to you soon. In the meantime, check out our documentation site for step-by- step guidance.

And for enterprise software buyers, visit the G2 marketplace to research the products that best meet your needs. Keep an eye out for the new “Product Suite” icon appearing on applicable seller profiles.