How G2 Marketing Solutions Drives ROI

January 9, 2024

While G2 has long been known as the top place to go for feedback on B2B software, we have evolved over the past 11 years to do so much more than review collection. Of course, reviews power our business – all 2.4M+ of them – informing software purchasing decisions with trusted peer feedback. 

Today, we’re connecting buyers and sellers in our marketplace in other ways too, as thousands of software vendors lean on G2’s Marketing Solutions to reach the 90M people researching, comparing, and buying software on G2 every year. 

A Data-Driven Look at G2 from GTM Partners 

For a more in-depth look at how software companies are embracing G2 Marketing Solutions to power their go-to-market (GTM) efforts and the value they’re seeing, look no further than the recent ROI Study from GTM Partners. For a bit of background, these data-driven studies are third-party validated assessments of GTM vendor solutions primarily focused on use cases — showcasing how to get the most out of an investment in technology. 

In the recently published G2 Marketing Solutions ROI Study, GTM Partners notes that through a full suite of marketing, sales, and data solutions, G2 helps companies of all sizes power their GTM, including:

  • Upgraded marketplace profiles
  • Premium review generation tools 
  • Buyer intent data
  • Licensed content 
  • Market and competitive intelligence

G2 Marketing Solutions: Top Use Cases & Customer ROI 

GTM Partners collected G2 customer data and reviews (using our own G2 data!) to identify the top use cases and value that verified users experience. The top three use cases were reported as: Buyer Intent Data Providers, Online Reputation Management, and Technology Reviews Platform.  Customers also shared the value they’ve observed through these use cases directly, noting:

  • "Traditional analysts, they don't get refreshed for 12, 18, 24 months. With G2 it's real time. We know what's going on in the market every day” - UiPath
  • “Because of our review campaign, our G2 category is in the top 5 of Google results-a huge boost to visibility.” – Enablix
  • “I don't think there's a single deal that doesn't include a G2 Touchpoint.” - Salesloft 

Considering that our business is rooted in reviews, we believe in the power of customer voice and love hearing their authentic feedback about our solutions. In addition to the qualitative impact observed through these quotes, the GTM Partners study showcases measurable ROI impact of G2 Marketing Solutions too. 


For software vendors looking to take their GTM strategy and results to the next level in 2024, download the complete GTM Partners ROI Study to learn more about G2 Marketing Solutions.

How G2 Marketing Solutions Drives ROI The G2 Marketing Solutions ROI Study, recently published by GTM Partners, taps G2 customer data and reviews to identify the top use cases and value that verified users experience.
Laura Horton Laura Horton is Director of Product Marketing at G2. Prior to joining G2, Laura held leadership roles in B2B marketing at Pardot/Salesforce and Truist.