G2 Expands Software Marketplace with Grids® Recognizing Outstanding B2B Service Providers

September 6, 2023

G2 has long been known as the place you go for software. And we are: with over 2 million verified reviews across 100,000+ products, 80 million software buyers visit G2 annually. However, while our  marketplace has predominantly focused on software products, it also features B2B service providers…nearly 50,000 of them. 

We know that just as when researching software products, buyers looking for services seek peer advice and trusted ratings on providers. According to 1,700 global B2B software decision-makers surveyed for our 2023 Software Buyer Behavior Report, more than half (53%) have worked with third-party implementers and 93% say the quality of implementation process has a significant influence on their decision to renew a software product. And when it comes to selecting service providers, respondents ranked customer satisfaction ratings as the most important factor. 

Having grown our services listings over the past few years, we've now launched our first class of Services Grids® – more than 90 of them – recognizing leaders across various categories. These Grids® will look familiar to G2 users, comparing providers in a given category, recognizing Leaders, High Performers, Contenders, and Niche Providers. 

What to know about Services on G2

With the launch of G2 Grids® for Services, there are a couple of notable updates to be aware of: 

  • What’s different? Just as with our Grids® ranking software products, Satisfaction data is determined by reviews. However, for the Services Grids®, Market Presence also takes into account unique factors that buyers value when selecting a services partner, including those such as years in operation, geodiversity and language capabilities, and range of capabilities and competencies. With these additional capabilities in mind, we’ll be referring to this score as “'Market Presence/Proficiency” for service providers. 
  • What’s new? For key services related to major software ecosystems, G2 has the unique ability to build a connection between buyers who are in-market for a solution, and the implementers who can help them see success. For context, service providers noted for expertise within their partner network or who have been independently reviewed by G2’s Market Research team will be recognized as having software expertise – both on their respective Grid® as a filter and on the software product page as a supporting implementer, reseller, or managed service. An example of this can be seen below on the HubSpot Sales Hub product Profile – where related Implementers and Consultants are surfaced within the profile for related products, so buyers can easily continue their research. 

Service providers: embrace customer voice today to be recognized as a Leader tomorrow

If you’re a B2B service provider, being on G2 can help you connect with your audience in a way that is uniquely timely and relevant. Ready to be recognized as a Leader in your category? The first step is claiming (or creating!) your free Profile on G2. A minimum of just 10 client reviews are needed to be Grid® eligible. 

Not only do client reviews help you earn a spot on a G2 Grid®  for your respective category, but they can serve as references and help you get discovered by future buyers. Your profile is just the beginning. G2’s suite of Marketing Solutions can help you build a standout brand, drive demand, and identify buyers who are actively looking for a services partner. 

G2 Expands Software Marketplace with Grids® Recognizing Outstanding B2B Service Providers G2 announces it has expanded its software marketplace beyond product Grids® to also feature Grids® for B2B service providers, with more than 90 Service Grids® now live. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/G2forServices-OrganicSocial-GridReadiness-1200x628@2x.png
Laura Horton Laura Horton is Director of Product Marketing at G2. Prior to joining G2, Laura held leadership roles in B2B marketing at Pardot/Salesforce and Truist. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/laura-horton-profile-v2.jpg