G2 Data Solutions’ Market Movers in Project Management Software

October 25, 2023

While there’s no question that the past year has been down when it comes to software investment and exits, we’re starting to see signs of things picking back up – notably AI startup funding, Klaviyo and Instacart’s IPOs, as well as Cisco’s acquisition of Splunk

Informing investors with data from the world’s largest & most trusted software marketplace

Regardless of the state of the market, software investors need to know which categories and companies are emerging, declining, and trending. At G2, we have our pulse on the state of software. Known for having the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace to help guide buyers on the best products and services for their unique needs, we also do the same for investors – keeping them apprised of market trends to inform their strategy and decisions. 

In case you’re not all that familiar, G2 Data Solutions provides investors and consultants with insights and data generated from the buyer behavior and engagement that the G2 marketplace sees across its 80M annual visitors across the globe. Paired with G2's verified review data –which features over 2M verified user reviews on 150k+ products and services across 2k+ categories – these insights enable G2 Data Solutions customers to perform due diligence, analyze competitive ecosystems, and identify emerging SaaS product, vendor, and category trends.  

Introducing G2 Data Solutions’ “Market Movers,” for a look at hot products in hot categories

Based on all this data in our arsenal, today, we’re launching a new series — “Market Movers” — where each quarter we will spotlight the top three trending products in a trending category, according to G2 Data Solutions. 

These are products experiencing traction in the market, based on G2 data. Using a formula to determine Market Movers, we’re ranking products in a given category according to:

  • Reviews – products with the most reviews left on G2.com over the past year
  • G2 Profile Views - most page views over the past year
  • Unique Buyer Intent Visits – most unique buyer intent visitors over the past year (note: these visitors are verified as in-market buyers according to firmographic data), taking into account the percent change from the previous year.

Exploring the Project Management software landscape

For our inaugural Market Movers spotlight, we’re zeroing in on Project Management software. This category received over 845,000 page views over the past year — the most compared to any other category on G2.com – with 5% more views compared to the prior year. 

For a bit of background on this category, it sits within the broader “Project, Portfolio & Program Management” space and is defined as software that streamlines project planning, task allocation, and team organization, offering real-time status updates for quick decision-making and project control for any business size or team. On G2, there are 313 Project Management vendors, with 323 products whose main category falls under Project Management. 

Gabriel Gheorghiu is our resident expert on the category as G2’s Research Principal covering Project Management software on the Market Research team. In chatting with Gabriel, he noted: 

  • “The project management software market is highly competitive, not only because of the high number of vendors and products but also because of the similarities between solutions, which makes it difficult for vendors to stand out. Furthermore, the lines between project management, task management, project collaboration, and project and portfolio management (PPM) are blurred as vendors try to expand their market presence. This also complicates the buying process as decision-makers may have difficulty differentiating between many alternatives offering similar features.” 

The top 3 Project Management Market Movers are….

Without further ado, the top 3 Market Movers in Project Management software, according to G2 Data Solutions are:

  1. Trello
  2. Monday.com
  3. ClickUp

While reviews, page views, and Buyer Intent visitor data determined these Market Movers, here’s a look at some of the other key G2 data points on these buzzing products. 


According to G2 data as of Sept. 2023

Want the full picture? 

As you can see, G2 Market Movers provides a glimpse of what G2 Data Solutions can offer – with even more data like number of users churned, top products losing customers to, and top products gaining customers from. If you’re an investor or consultant looking for that full picture and want to tap into G2 data for due diligence, sourcing, or portfolio monitoring, reach out to us to learn more or see a demo

Next quarter, we’ll be back to reveal Market Movers in the G2 category that received the most reviews in the past year – Video Conferencing! Stay tuned to find out who comes out on top.

G2 Data Solutions’ Market Movers in Project Management Software G2 Data Solutions has revealed a new series — “Market Movers” — spotlighting the top three trending products in a trending category, according to G2 data each quarter. The first Marketer Movers, delving into Project Management software, highlights Trello, monday.com, and ClickUp. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/market-movers.png
Noor Hamouda Noor Hamouda is a Customer Success Manager on the Data Solutions team at G2. She received her Bachelors of Arts from Westminster College (now Westminster University) where she studied both International Business and Computer Science. Prior to joining G2, Noor worked in investment banking and commercial real estate. In her spare time, she enjoys trying out new restaurants, traveling, going to concerts, and reading. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/noor-hamouda.jpeg