G2 Data Solutions’ Market Movers in Video Conferencing Software

January 25, 2024

Last October, we introduced a new quarterly series from G2 Data Solutions called “Market Movers,” where we spotlight the top three trending products in a trending category, based on G2 data. Specifically, we uncover the top three products in a category according to three key criteria (as well as their percent change from the previous year):

  • Reviews – products with the most reviews left on G2.com over the past year
  • G2 Profile Views - most page views over the past year
  • Unique Buyer Intent Visitors – most unique buyer intent visitors over the past year (visitors which are verified as in-market buyers according to firmographic data)

Exploring Trends in Video Conferencing Software 

Today, we’re back with our second installment in the series to reveal the Marketer Movers in Video Conferencing software. On G2, Video Conferencing sits within the broader “Collaboration & Productivity Software” market and is defined as software that enables online communication for audio meetings, video meetings, and seminars, with built-in features such as chat, screen sharing, and recording. On G2, there are 375 Video Conferencing products. 

This category received over 136,000 reviews in the past two years — the most compared to any other category on G2.com. That’s pretty impressive, considering there are over 2,100 categories in our G2 marketplace! 

Despite having the highest reviews over the past two years, the category has experienced a decrease in traffic. This may indicate that following a spike in searches from folks researching Video Conferencing tools during the pandemic, many of these buyers turned into users – hence the spike in customer reviews. In other words, there may be fewer buyers researching video conferencing software since they have recently adopted new tools. 

Revealing the Market Movers in Video Conferencing Software 

Based on reviews, page views, and Buyer Intent visitor data, G2 Data Solutions has identified the top three Market Movers in Video Conferencing software as:

  1. Zoom
  2. Google Workspace
  3. Microsoft Teams

Learn more about these market-moving products below. This snapshot represents a sampling of several data points gleaned from review and buyer behavior insights in our G2 marketplace to uncover market trends – and in this case, market-moving products in a trending category.

G2CM_FI821_Learn_Article_Images-Q4_Market_Movers_Table_V4-1According to G2 data as of January 2024

One thing to note is that the Top Products Compared to on G2 are not necessarily the main competitors of these Market Movers. However, these are the products that buyers are comparing most on G2.

Stay tuned for next quarter’s Market Movers and in the meantime, learn more about G2 Data Solutions!

Congratulations to Zoom, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Teams on making moves in the Video Conferencing software category. Which category would you like to see highlighted next quarter? Let us know!

In addition to preparing for our next series spotlight, the G2 Data Solutions team will continue to provide investors and consultants with insights and data generated from the buyer behavior and engagement that the G2 marketplace sees across its 90M annual visitors across the globe. Paired with G2's verified review data – which features nearly 2.5M authenticated reviews – these insights enable G2 Data Solutions customers to perform due diligence, analyze competitive ecosystems, and identify emerging SaaS product, vendor, and category trends.  

If you’re an investor or consultant interested in learning more about all the data G2 can provide for due diligence, sourcing, or portfolio monitoring, reach out to see a demo

G2 Data Solutions’ Market Movers in Video Conferencing Software G2 revealed its “Marketer Movers” in Video Conferencing software, spotlighting the top three trending products in the category according to G2 Data – including Reviews, G2 Profile Views, and Unique Buyer Intent visits. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/G2CM_FI821_Learn_Article_Images-Q4_Market_Movers-Blog_Featured_Image_V2.png
Noor Hamouda Noor Hamouda is a Customer Success Manager on the Data Solutions team at G2. She received her Bachelors of Arts from Westminster College (now Westminster University) where she studied both International Business and Computer Science. Prior to joining G2, Noor worked in investment banking and commercial real estate. In her spare time, she enjoys trying out new restaurants, traveling, going to concerts, and reading. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/noor-hamouda.jpeg