With G2 Stack, Buyer Intent Customers can Harness the Power of Technographic Data

March 9, 2023

Intent-based targeting is crucial for B2B marketers to effectively reach and engage ideal customers, particularly in today's economy. By focusing their efforts and ad spend on customers who are most likely to convert, businesses can optimize their return on investment (ROI) and maximize their resources. G2’s Buyer Intent allows marketers to be more efficient with their spending and efforts, ensuring that every interaction with a potential customer is tailored to their specific needs and interests.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce G2 Stack: an enhancement to our buyer intent offering, providing valuable data about the technologies your customers and prospects are using. Put simply, technographic data consists of insight into the technologies or tools that make up a business’ techstack. This provides an added layer of intel about your ideal customers, making it easier to target with precision and increase likelihood of conversion. G2 Stack captures the technologies from products across more than 70 categories and counting.

With G2 Stack, G2 Buyer Intent customers can tailor their marketing messaging, improve account segmentation, and increase the ROI of campaigns like never before. For example, let’s say you’re a Demand Generation Manager at a marketing automation company looking to target high intent, bottom-of-the-funnel accounts that are likely to convert, and maximize your ROI. You know that your tool integrates really well with the ACME project management tool; with this exclusive intel, you’re able to surface the target accounts you know are primed to buy your tool based on engagement across G2 and ideal customer profile filters.

Up the precision even more with popular integrations like HubSpot and LinkedIn Matched Audiences. G2 intent data can be layered over existing target account lists of prospects already in the pipeline, increasing the chance of hitting the narrow target. With these integrations, users also unlock another level of personalization by marrying both the account techstack data from G2, alongside contacts within their CRM or ABM tools. Marketing or Sales teams can then run targeted campaigns with customized language leveraging high-intent activity across G2, the makeup of their techstack, as well as any activities captured in their CRM.

This latest enhancement to G2 Buyer Intent helps B2B teams compete even more strategically — touting their competitive advantages, already knowing what existing tools prospective customers have in their tech stack. This data can also be used to ensure customers are leveraging the full capabilities of your tool. Here’s an example of what an outreach email to a prospect might look like:

Hi, Taylor - I know it’s been a while since we last connected! It looks like you had a chance to check our e-book on our integration with ACME Project Management Tool. I did some brushing up on your account and it looks like you might be checking out some new Marketing Automation solutions. I did want to help you out as you go through your evaluation journey and let you know that while they have other awesome benefits, Competitors X, Y, and Z don’t integrate with the ACME Project Management Tool. I’d be happy to hop on a quick call to hear about your use case and see if our solution is a good fit and if it makes sense to partner. Chat soon!

With G2 Stack, you'll have the power to make data-driven decisions, stay ahead of the curve, and supercharge your demand generation efforts. Get started today and take your targeting strategy to the next level.

If you’re looking to up your game with G2 Buyer Intent and tap into the power of technographic data, visit our website to learn more about G2 Stack.

With G2 Stack, Buyer Intent Customers can Harness the Power of Technographic Data Powered by G2 data – including 2M+ verified user reviews – Bowery Capital has released its seventh annual Startup Sales Stack Report, outlining the top software tools for startup sales organizations. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/G2StackMarketingLaunch-BlogFeaturedImage-DA-V02@2x.png
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