The Best 10 B2B Software Companies in Brisbane Right Now

August 31, 2021

When it comes to software in Australia, most people think of Sydney first and then maybe Melbourne. But typically not Brisbane - it makes the shortlist, but it doesn’t come up on top. However, as SaaS becomes more prevalent and Covid-19 changes how and where we work, we see Brisbane becoming a leading technology hub.  

And Brisbane has a lot to offer, from an educated workforce, lower costs than Sydney and Melbourne, and high quality of life.  These benefits are attracting founders from New South Wales and Victoria. According to Startup Muster, it’s now the second-largest city in Australia for founders after Sydney.  Add to this SaaS creating an environment where it no longer matters where a software vendor is located.  Together, these trends are contributing to the thriving technology scene emerging in Brisbane.

Venture capital is also powering the Brisbane SaaS scene.  Two of the largest fundraises in Australian history happened with Brisbane SaaS vendors. Octopus Deploy raised a record US$172.5 million in April 2021, with Go1 then topping it by raising US$200 million in July 2021.  

10 best B2B software companies in Brisbane

G2 is excited to release our list of the 10 Best B2B Software companies in Brisbane. We determined our list by identifying 26 software vendors based in or started in Brisbane and have reviews on G2. Next, we evaluated the over 400 global reviews for these vendors to determine the 10 Best.

Disclaimer: Best of City lists include sellers that are headquartered in the specific region and have a product with at least 10 reviews on Scores are based on a product’s Satisfaction and Market Presence scores within its respective category.

1. Userback

Userback provides solutions for developers, agencies, and website owners to collect valuable user feedback from web projects, and manage or share in a cloud based web interface.

2. intelliHR

The only people management software you need to analyse data, automate administration and engage your people. Explore intelliHR – the analytics-first, cloud-based, SaaS people management platform.

3. Octopus Deploy

Octopus Deploy works with your build server to enable reliable, secure, automated releases of ASP.NET applications and Windows Services into test, staging, and production environments, whether they are in the cloud or on-premises.

4. Fathom

Fathom is an easy-to-use management reporting and financial analysis tool, which helps you to assess business performance, monitor trends, and identify improvement opportunities.

5. Trigger

Trigger is a time tracking and project management app designed to help track time, manage projects, analyse insights and invoice clients.

6. fileplan

In business you rely on documents and email to get your job done every day. You need to organise these resources to work efficiently today, as well as for the years to come. fileplan is a simple, cloud-based document management solution that gives your business the confidence of consistent, planned filing combined with document control and collaboration.

7. Console Group

Console Group is cloud-based property management, trust accounting and real estate software for Australian & NZ agencies who want to do less, make more and grow more.

8. Go1 Content Hub

Go1 Content Hub is a subscription service that makes staff training easier and more cost-effective by providing full access to thousands of the most popular off-the-shelf courses curated from over 400,000 courses in the Marketplace.

9. Feedback Lite

​​Use Feedback Lite to conduct customer feedback surveys from your website. Discover what your customers are really thinking using a flexible survey formats so you can grow and refine your business.


CALUMO is cloud software that simplifies internal financial reporting and budgeting for accountants.

To sum up Brisbane...

We are also seeing Brisbane-based vendors becoming global leaders in their categories.  Userback is a great example, as it’s currently the highest-rated vendor in G2’s User Research Software categoryintelliHR is also leading the way as the #1 rated vendor in our HR Analytics Software category.

The SaaS and software future in Brisbane looks bright. With local vendors now seeing success globally, the spotlight on Brisbane will continue to grow brighter and brighter. Added to this are an improved fundraising environment and investment in the upcoming 2032 Olympics. We expect Brisbane will be giving Sydney and Melbourne a race in the claim of being the tech capital of Australia.

G2’s city-specific lists promote local B2B Software communities and highlight how products from the area score on G2. City-specific lists are released on an ad-hoc basis and are not to be confused with our Top Software / Best of 2021 Methodology annual lists.