The Best 10 B2B Software Companies in Singapore Right Now

December 4, 2020

When it comes to tech start-ups in Singapore, the spotlight is focused on the B2C market.

And this makes sense, with Singapore being a hub in the middle of an ASEAN market with a population of 648 million people* and a GDP of 9.34 trillion US dollars*. 

While the focus is on B2C, the light is beginning to shine on B2B SaaS vendors as well. With increased support from the Singapore government and more B2B funding available, Singapore is developing a growing and healthy SaaS ecosystem.

Add to this that SaaS companies can be based anywhere, and we see Singapore emerging as a launchpad in Asia for B2B SaaS. When compared to the US and even Australia, Singapore might be earlier in its evolution, but G2’s data show robust growth for Singapore B2B SaaS vendors. While the large, listed local heroes like Razer and SEA might be B2C focused, a new breed of start-up is emerging on the B2B side of the court.

Best 10 B2B SaaS Companies in Singapore

G2 is excited to release our list of the Best 10 Software companies in Singapore. We determined our list by identifying 58 software vendors either based in or who started in Singapore who have reviews on G2. Next, we evaluated the 1,698 global reviews for these vendors to determine the Best 10. 

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Vincere
  3. TradeGecko*
  4. Gnowbe
  5. In Mind Cloud
  6. Ivacy
  7. ReferralCandy
  8. Cloudbric
  9. Saleswhale

Some Singapore vendors who made our list are also global leaders in their categories. Standout vendors include Ahrefs (named a Leader in G2’s SEO Software category), Vincere (named a Leader in our Staffing Software category), and Gnowbe (named a Leader in our Microlearning category).

Others are establishing leading positions in specific verticals, like In Mind Cloud and their focus on CRM and CPQ for the Manufacturing industry.

As “software keeps eating the world” and SaaS becomes even more popular, businesses are looking for software vendors that can help them, regardless of where they are headquartered. The nature of SaaS is creating an opportunity for Singapore-based software companies to play in and be successful on the global stage.

*2018 population figures per Statista

*2019 GDP figures per Statista

*TradeGecko was acquired in August 2020 and recently rebranded as QuickBooks Commerce.