Cybersecurity Expert Dr. Chase Cunningham Joins G2

May 16, 2023

It’s hard to believe over three months have passed since I joined G2 as VP of Market Research. In this time, I’ve been so impressed by our Market Research team – their deep expertise of categories, the way we build and maintain our software marketplace’s taxonomy, and the wealth of data this team is constantly analyzing to produce insights on the state of the market.

And today, I have the pleasure to share that G2 Market Research is only growing and becoming stronger with the addition of Dr. Chase Cunningham as our Vice President of Security Market Research. In this newly created role, he will build G2’s thought leadership in security and participate in direct engagement with customers and software vendors.

Bringing 20+ Years of Practitioner & Industry Experience to G2’s Security Market Research

If you’re familiar with Security software, you likely have come across Chase. As the creator of the Zero Trust eXtended framework and known as “Dr. Zero Trust” in the cybersecurity industry, Chase has over two decades of experience in Cyber Forensic and Analytic Operations. He has held senior security and analyst roles at NSA, CIA, FBI, and other government agencies, as well as with industry leaders Accenture and Forrester. A retired U.S. Navy Chief, Chase most recently was Chief Strategy Officer at Ericom Software.

In his government agency roles, Chase helped clients operationalize security controls, install and leverage encryption and analytic systems, and grow and optimize their security operations command systems and centers. At Forrester, he pioneered the firm’s ZTX Zero Trust Extended Framework, leading research in that channel and developing its portfolio of accounts.

With all of this expertise, it’s no surprise that Chase has been interviewed by and quoted in more than 150 publications across a variety of media and often speaks at industry events — most recently the 2023 RSA Conference. He was recognized as Security Magazine's 2019 “Most Influential People in Security” and hosts the DrZeroTrust podcast. A holder of six patents and an international best-selling author, Chase is currently working on his next book.

Elevating G2’s Security Data & Insights

At G2, we know Security is important to our buyers – and reviewing the Security products and services listed in our marketplace emphasizes this point. Findings from our annual Software Buyer Behavior Report, which will be published in the coming weeks, underscore the challenges companies face as they aim to prioritize Security across their entire software stack. For instance, the report finds that most global software buyers consider a vendor’s history with breaches or security incidents when evaluating software solutions, yet over half admit to purchasing software at work that wasn’t approved or vetted for security by their IT or InfoSec team.

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With Chase on board, he will serve as an experienced expert voice at G2 to guide both software buyers and vendors on overcoming Security challenges, partnering with our analyst team to shape the future of our research and thought leadership.

Chase weighed in on the opportunity he sees at G2:

  • “With so much innovation in the Security landscape, G2 is uniquely positioned to provide expert analysis on the market based on real software user data. I’m looking forward to joining the team and tapping into this wealth of data to continue to elevate G2 as a leader in Market Research for IT professionals — especially among Security practitioners and vendors.”

Additionally, G2’s Chief Product Officer, Sara Rossio, commented on the value Chase will bring to our team:

  • “As a well-known expert in Security, Chase will be an excellent addition to our team. His deep expertise coupled with insights from our software marketplace, featuring nearly 150 categories dedicated to Security, will take our Market Research to the next level.”

On a personal note, I’m glad to have Chase as a colleague again. Having worked together for several years in the past, I have a deep respect for him and his work. I hope you’ll all join me in welcoming Chase to G2. Stay tuned for more thought leadership from G2 Market Research, including findings from our upcoming 2023 Software Buyer Behavior Report.