G2 & Spotlight Bring Customer Voice Insights to Analyst Relations Teams

January 25, 2024

Before arriving at G2 last year to lead Market Research, I spent more than 15 years in the analyst industry. While G2 is not a traditional analyst firm, our data and insights are invaluable for analyst relations (AR) leaders, who have an opportunity to deliver even more values by filtering and distilling customer insights to their own go-to-market (GTM) teams. 

World’s largest software marketplace offers largest dataset based on customer feedback & buyer behavior

What makes G2’s data a must-have source for AR teams? It’s the fact that more than 90 million B2B software and services buyers come to G2 annually to find the solutions they need to power their business. And that 2.5 million verified customer reviews power our trusted G2 Grids and our coveted G2 badges that help software buyers get matched with the perfect solution. Billions of data points power our marketplace, which is rooted in authentic customer feedback and buyer behavior. With access to this data, AR leaders can better understand and influence the markets they care about. 

G2 & Spotlight arm AR teams with data-driven insights to fuel GTM strategies

Through a recent partnership with Spotlight, a leading global AR and market intelligence firm, we’re now bringing G2’s insights from customer voice and verified data to their customers. This collaboration empowers Spotlight customers — AR professionals — to elevate their brand credibility and reputation through effective peer review program management on the G2 platform.

Rick Nash, Spotlight’s CEO, commented on our partnership, noting: “It is a privilege to partner with G2 and be trusted to serve its ever-growing customer base. Our firm has extensive experience in helping clients reap the benefits of peer review programs, and we are excited to provide strategic support to more businesses looking to enhance their reputation and stand out on the world’s leading software marketplace.”

Customer Data will drive the future of Analyst Relations

Back in 2012, G2 was born out of the frustration of how slowly analysts adapted and how much power a singular analyst held over an industry. Flipping the script, G2’s founders put the power into the hands of real customers — giving software companies a fair chance to build their reputations and new categories. In disrupting the traditional analyst model, G2 has democratized the software industry, applying B2C principles around reviews to B2B. 

We believe real-time information matters. Last quarter’s competitive analysis or analyst report is already outdated. Tech companies are releasing product updates daily. Things change fast, and buyers need relevant insights in real-time. That’s why at G2, we move at the speed of software and AI. Whether you’re buying software, marketing software, or diving deep into understanding the industry, G2 provides the insights you need at the pace of today’s sales cycle.

It’s clear that AR professionals have an opportunity to benefit from G2’s unmatched depth and breadth of insights on the world of B2B software and services. It’s time to prioritize verified, trusted data – and the sources buyers are already using to guide their research. 

As we scratch the surface of this new reality, AR is about to be transformed — adding an exciting new data-driven expression of customer’s voice to their tool chest. Customer data will be the key driver of competition among software vendors in this new landscape, and who has more of it than G2? 

Again, I can’t overemphasize how excited I am at this opportunity for AR professionals and I extend our sincere gratitude to Spotlight for helping us explore it. Here’s to a new future for AR professionals, with verified data and insights they know they can rely on.

Learn more about G2’s expanding marketplace and research insights at research.G2.com

G2 & Spotlight Bring Customer Voice Insights to Analyst Relations Teams Through a new partnership with analyst relations and market intelligence firm Spotlight, G2 is now bringing its customer voice -powered insights to Spotlight’s customer base of AR professionals. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/G2CM_FI822_Learn_Article_Images_Spotlight_Partnership_V2.png
Chris Voce As VP of Research at G2, Chris Voce serves as a technology subject matter expert, ensuring the accurate representation of a broad group of software markets while leading the company’s team of analysts. Having worked in the technology industry for over two decades, Voce brings more than 15 years of analyst experience to his role at G2, previously serving as a Vice President & Research Director at Forrester. At Forrester, Voce led a team of analysts focused on connecting technology innovation to digital business transformation, where he was responsible for the development and execution of research on areas including employee experience (EX), internet of things (IoT), 5G, mobile, edge computing, AI infrastructure, workforce technology, cloud computing, and communications & collaboration technology. He was a strategic advisor to high-tech marketing and product strategy executives and enterprise technology leaders. Most recently, Voce served as a customer engagement strategist for Citrix, engaging with senior executives at strategic clients, partners, and prospects to guide their transformations and embrace the experience as part of their business strategy. As an industry expert and analyst, he’s been quoted in notable business and technology media, including The Wall Street Journal, NPR, The New York Times, and CIO Magazine. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Chris-voce.png www.linkedin.com/in/chris-voce-0739405