Bringing G2 Reviews to CDW’s Innovative Marketplace

April 11, 2019

Let me begin by saying that, from a partnerships perspective, there’s never been a more exciting time to be at G2. We’re changing the paradigm for purchasing tech.

By harnessing the collective wisdom of over 700,000 verified reviews, we help buyers understand not only how to buy, but also what to include in their consideration set for more powerful and efficient decision-making. That’s why more than two million users per month rely on to help them discover the best software for them across 1,500 product and service categories. As incredible as these numbers are, we’re just getting started.

G2 Partners with CDW

As our marketplace, review count and datasets all continue to grow, one of the most exciting opportunities at G2 lies in establishing partnerships with some of the best technology brands in the world, like CDW.

Founded in 1984, CDW is a leading technology solutions provider to business, government, education and healthcare organizations across the US, UK and Canada. This Fortune 500 partner employs 9,000+ and generated sales of over $16B last year -- incredible!

One of CDW’s core focuses is helping its customers scale and grow with SaaS. That’s why today, CDW maintains a vibrant marketplace of thousands of expert cloud solutions and services for customers to leverage. To help consumers navigate their marketplace and make more informed buying decisions even faster, CDW decided to innovate and partner with G2, the leader in verified B2B user reviews.

Today, we’re proud to announce together that authentic G2 customer reviews are now available in the CDW marketplace! All to build trust, drive engagement and ultimately usage between their valued customers and marketplace partners.

Syndicating Reviews to CDW’s Marketplace

Through our partnership with CDW, customer reviews collected and displayed on are being syndicated to CDW’s Marketplace. This enables CDW to benefit from trust-building customer reviews across their entire marketplace -- without having to collect, manage and moderate the content themselves.

After all, quite a lot goes into the collection and display of reviews beyond just development work. This includes establishing consistent and effective moderation and authenticity processes -- which we call the G2 Trust Process. This process leads the industry, and is powered by a unique combination of proprietary algorithms and 100% human moderation from G2’s 50+ (and counting) person Data & Research Team. Partnering with G2 packages up all of this value, and puts it to work for CDW’s marketplace.

We couldn’t be more excited to be powering such an innovative use case for G2 reviews, with such an innovative partner in CDW!

Bringing G2 Reviews to CDW’s Innovative Marketplace We’re proud to announce together that authentic G2 customer reviews are now available in the CDW marketplace!
Brittany Wroblewski Brittany is Director of Partnerships at G2, based in the Chicago headquarters. She is a Chicago native and a proud University of Illinois alum!