G2 to Power ServiceNow Store with Syndicated Customer Reviews

September 30, 2019

One of the most exciting opportunities at G2 lies in sharing the authentic consumer voice, on our platform, vendor platforms, app marketplaces -- everywhere.

Today, more than three million users per month rely on G2.com to help them find and buy the best software for their businesses, and to-date, we have collected more than 900,000 authentic customer reviews across 1,700 product and service categories.

G2 Partners with ServiceNow

As our marketplace, review count and datasets all continue to grow, we are creating new uses for G2 reviews together with the best technology partners in the world, like ServiceNow.

Used by 75% of the Fortune 500, ServiceNow delivers IT, Employee, and Customer workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity. ISV partners in the Technology Partner Program develop and certify apps and integrations on the Now Platform® that complement and extend ServiceNow workflows, and distribute them globally to customers on the ServiceNow Store.

To drive ISV partner success, ServiceNow has partnered with G2 to syndicate reviews from G2.com to the ServiceNow Store. This delivers peer reviews at scale onto the ServiceNow Store to provide customers the information they need to make the right technology decisions for their business.

Syndicating Reviews to ServiceNow’s App Store

By partnering with G2, ServiceNow is displaying trust-building customer reviews for the ISV apps in their App Store -- all while outsourcing the complexities of review collection, management and moderation.

It’s no secret that a lot goes into the collection of reviews. This includes establishing consistent and effective moderation and authenticity processes, which lead the industry and are powered by a unique combination of proprietary algorithms and 100% human moderation from G2’s Data & Research Team.

We’re thrilled to be powering this innovative use case for ServiceNow, who is an early adopter in bringing the authentic ‘voice’ of G2 reviews to their app store. By embracing transparency in technology buying, ServiceNow is providing their ISVs a more effective way to drive usage, grow their market presence, and build their brands.