The G2 Partner Hub: Where G2 and Your Favorite B2B Software Meet!

March 14, 2022

Whether you’re in Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, or Operations, you know how important it is to get the most out of your B2B software stack. But it’s tricky to build a tech stack where all of your tools work together in harmony and can be easily scaled for growth.

While G2 customers already benefit from our robust and trusted partner ecosystem, we’re simplifying it even further with the launch of our G2 Partner Hub, which will serve as a one-stop shop for maximizing your investment in G2 and your entire stack. Its solution-focused library of 40+ software integrations and partnerships will help B2B teams leverage G2’s products across a multitude of functions so they can operationalize their tools while orchestrating activities across their organizations.

Why are we doing this? We continue to scale the G2 partner network as our future and current customers expand their own tech stacks. Focused on industry leading technology, this Hub provides an up-to-date and robust selection of integrations that allow B2B teams to adapt and seamlessly bring G2’s tools into their existing and daily workflows. It’s designed with joint- and future customers in mind, including search filters for specific objectives, integration type, and alignment to G2’s Star Rating and Category taxonomy for a streamlined G2 experience.

More specifically, here’s what visitors can expect to achieve with the G2 Partner Hub:

  1. Maximize your G2 investment - Easily view all integrations that are available and free for customers to use. Get the most out of G2 with integrations for G2 Buyer Intent, Review Collection, Syndication, and Content.
  2. Integrate trusted data into go-to workflows - Explore G2’s integrations across the software you already know, use, and trust.
  3. Operationalize and shorten time-to-value - Integrated with systems your teams use daily, G2 brings additional value and actionable insights into your existing tools.

Since all partnerships and integrations are free for G2 and partner customers to utilize…what are you waiting for? Check out the G2 Partner Hub and continue down the path of maximizing your B2B software stack to its potential.