Collect More Software Reviews with G2 + Delighted Integration

May 25, 2022

We know that the B2B software buying journey is continuously evolving to mirror consumer shopping habits. Those looking to make an investment – whether in a $50 pair of shoes, a $200 hotel room, or thousands of dollars on a piece of software – want to have the confidence in their purchasing decision. It comes down to trust – and that trust comes from real users, not biased marketing materials.

With this in mind, it may not come as a surprise that 86% of software buyers use peer review sites when buying software. And, we’re proud to help those buyers – more than 60 million people annually – make smarter software decisions through authentic, verified peer reviews on For software vendors, incorporating a robust review collection strategy into your broader marketing approach is a necessary and impactful contribution to your online reputation. Without it, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to meet your current and potential customers where they’re already researching software.

Collect product feedback and reviews in one interaction

In addition to sourcing and publishing these reviews, G2 also provides strategic tools for software sellers to automate and optimize review collection at various touchpoints in the customer journey. Today, we’re introducing a new integration with Delighted, which helps B2B teams increase G2 Reviews by gathering them from customers in the platform where users are already working and providing feedback. Delighted’s experience management platform offers an array of surveys, providing customer-facing teams a single place to collect, measure, and take action on feedback.

“We are very pleased to offer our customers a way to seamlessly collect G2 Reviews directly from Delighted surveys. More customer-led and growth businesses are leaning into showcasing the voice of their customers in their marketing strategy, and this integration empowers them to do just that,” said Delighted’s Associate Manager of Product Management, Sean Mancillas. “G2 and Delighted users can drive innovation through collecting feedback, while also increasing organic visibility for potential software buyers on G2. We’re looking forward to making the feedback collection process more robust, simple, and convenient for our customers and software users alike.“

Expand your review collection strategy

This integration collects reviews through a non-incentivized, non-segmented prompt, to complement and expand the methods teams already use to collect reviews. Product vendors have the opportunity to cast a wider net to generate review volume, and drive even more potential success on the G2 Grid by implementing incentivized campaigns and non-incentivized methods hand-in-hand. The integration is available for all G2 customers who are also Delighted Premium customers.

A frictionless and convenient review experience completely native in the Delighted app, users aren't required to create a login or profile on G2. Additionally, the review form is shortened from 40+ to approximately 15 questions. The review is then submitted as usual, verified by, and published once it is approved. The review prompt will also be offered through email and any other channels where a Delighted survey is deployed.

Realize new benefits and results immediately

By integrating G2 Reviews with Delighted, software companies can achieve:

  • Convenient and streamlined customer feedback: Meet your customers where they are, and when they’re primed for providing feedback. Incorporating G2 Review prompts directly in the platform where users are already reporting their sentiment, this integration provides a seamless collection engine.
  • Improved product insights: From roadmap to retention, G2 Reviews captures insights to inform every single stage of your business. This provides product, marketing, sales, and customer success teams the feedback they need to drive maximum adoption, conversion, retention, and expansion based on real user feedback.
  • Consistent, authentic review collection: Soliciting reviews from allNPS or survey respondents helps teams understand their users at every level of satisfaction. Authentic reviews (positive and negative alike), help prospective customers make better purchasing decisions. This ensures well-rounded and representative reviews from all users, collected consistently and providing recency for prospective customers.
  • Split-second customer sentiment: By capturing G2 Reviews from users while they’re interacting with your product, you will capture candid, on-the-spot customer sentiment driven by the experience that matters most: using your product.

Customers of G2 and Delighted, turn on this new integration and start collecting more reviews. Visit our Partner Hub to learn more about the G2 and Delighted integration, or activate it in my.G2.

Collect More Software Reviews with G2 + Delighted Integration Collect More Software Reviews with G2 + Delighted Integration
Rachel Bentley Rachel Bentley is G2's Senior Director of Product Management. The products she and her team builds, are focused on the user journey to connect buyers with the right software to scale their business. Rachel leads the buyer experience team which focuses on creating transparency and building trust with buyers through user-generated content.