Retarget G2 Profile, Category or Competitor Visitors on LinkedIn with Matched Audiences

February 18, 2020

“It's a big day for Marketers everywhere! G2 has joined the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program to help technology brands reach their most active buyers within the network their buyers are most active on -- LinkedIn." Brittany Wroblewski @ G2.

This capability has been in high-demand with our customers for some time. And if you’re a Marketer looking to operationalize your G2 Buyer Intent data, and get more out of your LinkedIn ads -- it doesn’t get much better than this. 

How LinkedIn Matched Audiences Helps Marketers

LinkedIn boasts some of the very best tools around for Sellers and Marketers looking to grow. This includes unique and effective ways to reach potential buyers you may not yet know by targeting professional audiences with attributes, such as, company, industry, role, title, relevant skills, and more.

Additionally, LinkedIn Matched Audiences help you target (or retarget) those same relevant professional  audiences who have engaged with you in some way with Sponsored Content. This includes targeting accounts who have demonstrated active buying behavior on G2.  

Better Audiences, Better ROI

It’s easy to see how LinkedIn is the leading platform for reaching professional audiences at scale. You can get hyper-targeted and contextual with your advertising, and it’s arguably your buyers’ favorite platform to engage with throughout the day.   

Generating LinkedIn Matched Audiences  with G2 Buyer Intent help you unlock incremental ROI and performance from your campaigns, ensuring that every engagement on LinkedIn is a high-payoff one by targeting your content to accounts most likely to convert based on the fact that they have recently visited your G2 Profile, viewed a category, or even run a competitor comparison on the G2 marketplace.

Orchestrating The Perfect ‘Buying Moments’ On LinkedIn 

My favorite part of this new offering is how seamlessly it fits in with G2 Content. As we know, building the perfect audience is only step one. Step two is displaying the best offer, the most powerful data point, or the perfect piece of content to drive active buyers to selection.

That’s where G2’s content comes in! Marketers can easily showcase their G2 social proof, including reports, comparisons, and user reviews in their LinkedIn Sponsored Content. Which is, of course, trusted by the market, used by buyers, and powered by G2. 

Sell & Market Smarter, Not Harder

Last February, we launched our G2 Buyer Intent integration for LinkedIn Sales Navigator to help Sellers sell smarter, not harder. We’re now excited to help you do the same, by generating highly contextual target audiences on LinkedIn with their Buyer Intent data from G2.

What these integrations ultimately do, is give Sellers and Marketers of software brands the opportunity to use their most essential intent data, within their most essential network of buyers and professionals. 

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Retarget G2 Profile, Category or Competitor Visitors on LinkedIn with Matched Audiences G2 has joined the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program, allowing marketers to now use their G2 Buyer Intent to generate Matched Audiences in LinkedIn.
Brittany Wroblewski Brittany is Director of Partnerships at G2, based in the Chicago headquarters. She is a Chicago native and a proud University of Illinois alum!