Gain Early Access to G2's Monty for Sales, Your New AI Selling Assistant

August 14, 2023

In today’s challenging working climate, Sales and Marketing teams face an uphill battle - tight budgets, hesitation towards onboarding new software, and the relentless pressure to achieve more with less. But here’s the good news… There's a new feature on that can boost demand and ease the burden on your hard working teams. Say hello to Monty for Sales - your new AI sales sidekick.

Monty, our cutting-edge assistant, is geared to deliver unparalleled value and become your Sales Team's secret weapon in discovering high-intent leads. Armed with your organization's enablement content, Monty quickly learns the ropes and communicates effortlessly with potential customers, resulting in a surge in demand and empowering your Sales Team to achieve more in less time.

Are you ready to harness the power of Monty? We're thrilled to provide Monty for Sales in early access to G2 customers on Essential, Pro, and Power plans. Seize this opportunity and join the program today!

To dive deeper into the incredible capabilities of Monty for Sales, continue reading below.

Learn About Your Audience with Client Profiling

Client profiling is a vital part of the sales process. You simply can’t sell to someone whose background you don’t know, pain points you don’t understand, and requirements you can’t identify. Monty understands this, and immediately starts building a client profile by asking questions like “What services are you interested in?” and “Could you tell me more about your specific background?”

Client Profiling

This information helps Monty understand who he’s talking to so he can follow up with useful information for the buyer.

Communicate Your Value Propositions

Once your client profile is built, it’s time for Monty to communicate useful information to users through value propositions. In this stage, Monty looks for what is most important to the user and delivers a compelling, tailored pitch based on their client profile. This could be certain features, specific use cases, customer proof, information on pricing and deployment options, or something else entirely.

Communicating Value Propositions

Monty provides buyers the information they need to turn them from suspects into prospects.

Drive High-intent Lead Conversions

Monty excels at converting leads into high-intent prospects as users navigate through the sales funnel. By using an integrated lead form, Monty seamlessly connects these prospects with your expert sales representatives and efficiently transitions users into hot leads, fully prepared for future sales interactions.

Driving Conversions

Sign up for Sales Monty Early Access!

Ready to hire Monty and train him to be your best salesperson? Current G2 customers can sign up for early access today and be up and running very shortly.

To participate in Sales Monty’s early access program, you must currently:
  • Be a G2 customer on the ESSENTIAL, PRO, or POWER plan.
  • Maintain an existing library of content for Monty to study to become your sales expert.
  • Be eager to provide consistent and helpful feedback on Sales Monty so he can continue improving at his new job.

We look forward to getting you up and running!