G2 Introduces Team Buying Beta Program

June 21, 2023

Your quest to identify the ideal software solution for your needs often feels like navigating a labyrinth – misaligned teams, unreliable information, and inefficient evaluation processes leave a lot to be desired.

You want to learn about the software without being swayed by persuasive salespeople. Stakeholders often have differing priorities, so how can you ensure that everyone's voice is equally represented? Teams are forced to rely on internal meetings, vendor presentations, and scattered communication channels like Slack, emails, and spreadsheets to make the best choice. But there is a better way… enter Team Buying by G2.

We are thrilled to announce that Team Buying has reached a new milestone, and our team is eagerly looking forward to receiving more feedback. Today, the G2 Labs Team is excited to introduce the free Team Buying Beta program, allowing you to dive right into the feature, gain hands-on experience, and share feedback directly with our product team.

Discover more about the remarkable capabilities of Team Buying below and embark on an exploration of its vast potential as we revolutionize the software purchasing experience together.


Create Team Alignment 

Team Buying encourages alignment from the beginning of your project. 

Your team's input matters. With G2 Team Buying, each member adds, comments on, and prioritizes requirements to build a shortlist of products. G2 aggregates and averages the priorities, requirements, and individual ratings, generating a collective rating for each solution.

Utilize Powerful G2 Data and AI at Every Step

Harness the power of G2's robust data, including key features, pricing, ratings, and over two million user reviews, during every step of the process.

  • In requirement gathering, Team Buying recommends requirements from our extensive library of hundreds of options for your team to consider.
  • In shortlisting, G2’s innovative AI chatbot, Monty, evaluates your requirements and recommends softwares for you to consider.
  • In evaluation, your team can harness G2’s power to compare software solutions data based on real user feedback.

Enable an Efficient Evaluation Process

Collaborate asynchronously in one place with a unified process.  By using a best practice process, confident decisions can be made quickly that meet all priorities and requirements, ensuring the satisfaction of all employees. Say goodbye to endless evaluation meetings and streamline the evaluation and decision-making process.

Facilitate Vendor Research and Communication

Conveniently research software by accessing product demos, testimonials, reviews, and vendor websites on G2.com, then use Team Buying to directly engage with vendors.

Who the Team Buying Beta is For

Curious if you’re the right fit for this beta program? We’re looking for individuals who:

  • Work as a project manager, software consultant, associate or other whose role is to partner with client organizations to make business software purchasing decisions or provide software purchasing recommendations.
  • Will be using Team Buying for their real-world work and testing for working scenarios.
  • Are open to providing honest comments, suggestions, and feedback on Team Buying so we can continue to evolve the feature.

Get Started with Team Buying Today

It looks like your quest for finding the perfect software just got easier.

Ready to experience the benefits of Team Buying? Join our program today to preview the future of software purchasing. Don't miss out on this opportunity to simplify your process and make informed choices.

G2 Introduces Team Buying Beta Program Discover a better way to navigate the software purchasing process with G2's Team Buying Beta Program. Say goodbye to misaligned teams and unreliable information. Join our free beta program, gain hands-on experience, and provide feedback as we modernize the software purchasing experience together. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/TeamBuyingBetaProgram-BlogFeaturedImage@2x-2.png
Tim Handorf Tim Handorf is a G2 co-founder and Head of G2 Labs. https://learn.g2crowd.com/hubfs/tim-handorf-g2crowd.jpg