G2 Launches Executive Advisory Board

July 5, 2023

At G2, customer feedback is the backbone of our business. Our software marketplace is fueled by over 2 million verified, trusted reviews from real software users. We love that we’re able to bridge the gap between software vendors and their customers – with vendors gaining a direct lens into what makes their customers and prospects tick. 

Powering G2’s strategy with customer insights

With this business philosophy in mind, it’s no surprise we are big believers of customer-led growth, “drinking our own champagne” so to speak and relying on customer insights to drive our innovation. We read and respond to reviews about G2 on G2 (it’s pretty meta, we know!). We speak with our customers directly every month. And now, we’re adding to our customer insights even more with the launch of G2’s Executive Advisory Board (EAB). 

The EAB is composed of visionary leaders at G2 customers with invaluable insights who will use this forum to provide strategic input and guidance that can shape G2’s future. Ultimately, their insights on what’s happening in the market, how they see buyers’ needs evolving and feedback on G2’s solutions, services, and go-to-market strategy will help us deliver the highest value solutions for all G2 customers and add to our buyer experience insights.

I’m honored to serve as the Executive Sponsor of EAB, partnering with several other G2 leaders to ensure the success of this program, including: CEO Godard Abel, Chief Product Officer Sara Rossio, VP, Head of Marketing Palmer Houchins, Advisor/Former CMO Amanda Malko, and Director of Customer Marketing, Katlin Hess. 

Introducing G2’s EAB: a powerhouse of B2B software marketing leaders 

I’d like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to all EAB members for their valuable time and input which will go a long way furthering G2’s business, driven by direct executive-level, expert customer insights. The current G2 EAB members, featuring marketing executives from leading software vendors and B2B organizations, include:




Trusted executive and practitioner advisors to guide our future

We’re also soon launching practitioner-driven Advisory Councils for each customer segment across SMB, mid-size, and enterprise businesses. We’re committed to collaborating with all of these groups, hearing their insights and feedback, and optimizing G2’s solutions and strategy based on our discussions. 

With this Executive Advisory Board in place – and the future Advisory Councils — G2 will have even stronger, more direct, authentic customer insights to guide its strategy going forward.

G2 Launches Executive Advisory Board G2 has launched its inaugural Executive Advisory Board (EAB), which serves as a forum for a group of select G2 customers to provide strategic input and guidance to shape G2’s future. Their valuable insights on what’s happening in the market and feedback on G2’s solutions, services, and go-to-market strategy will help us deliver the highest value solutions for all G2 customers. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Executive%20Advisory%20Board%20-%20Blog%20Post%20_Featured-image.png
Mike Weir Mike Weir is G2’s former Chief Revenue Officer and current advisor. Before G2, Mike spent eight years at LinkedIn, where he shaped Go-To-Market strategy and customer support for the Technology vertical, which helped LinkedIn Marketing Solutions become an industry-leading partner to the tech industry. Before LinkedIn, Mike led Marketing teams at technology companies which provides him a unique perspective as a Marketing & Sales Executive with 20 years in the technology industry. He is passionate about advancing the tech industry’s ROI measurement to show business impact and is a champion of driving Marketing & Sales alignment. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/g2-leadership-csuite-mike-weir.png