G2 Launches Investor Solutions

December 16, 2021

The SaaS industry presents profound opportunities for investors, but, historically, has been challenging to analyze. That’s why I’m excited to announce G2 Investor Solutions, an offering built for investors and founded on first-party user sentiment data sourced from G2’s 60M+ annual software buyers.

Venture capitalists, private equity firms, and investors everywhere rely on data and, more importantly, conviction. G2’s real-time buyer behavioral data empowers them to identify category leaders, map software categories, track adoption rates, forecast demand, and reduce risk.

The advent of G2 Investor Solutions data marks a transformation in how investors can develop confident, timely SaaS investment strategies.

Data-driven Truths

After talking with public and private investors, it became clear they were starved for deeper buyer insights based on data. We listened, developing G2 Investor Solutions to reinforce market analysis in a competitive software investment environment.

Analyzing buyer behavior is essential to determine the strengths and weaknesses of any SaaS investment. Our 2021 Software Buyer Behavior Report maps a changing buying landscape, one in which peer reviews play an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions.

In an ever-evolving marketplace with an ever-evolving buyer, G2 Investor Solutions outfits our partners with data-driven truths straight from buyers themselves, facilitating the discovery of new opportunities and allowing due diligence to be performed in real-time.

Trusted by Global Investors

We remain steadfast in our goal to support and empower our customers. Presently, global investors with more than $400B in total assets under management (AUM), including venture capital and growth equity firms like IVP, trust G2 Investor Solutions. Recently, we gained several new partners, including one of the world’s largest consulting firms.

Trust is powerful. It fuels our decisions, actions, and strategies. Finally, investors can unveil the market’s authentic voice thanks to trustworthy insights into the biggest software companies of today and tomorrow.

Excited about G2 Investor Solutions? Find out more here.