G2 Promotes Tenured Leaders Joe Stuckel & Marty Duffy to SVP Roles

May 10, 2023

Last year, we celebrated G2’s 10-year anniversary. Now, we’d like to celebrate two individuals who have been along for the journey with us at G2 for most of that decade: Joe Stuckel and Marty Duffy. They’ve both played critical roles in the company’s growth and success, helping to establish G2 as the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace. And today, I’m proud to share that both leaders have been promoted to Senior Vice President of their respective departments.

Joe Stuckel has been promoted to SVP, Head of Finance. As a member of our Senior Leadership Team, he is responsible for driving smart growth at G2, overseeing the company’s accounting, operational finances, financial planning, and reporting. Joe has been with G2 for eight years, first joining us as a Senior Accountant. Prior to G2, Joe held accounting roles at BDO and Cleversafe. A registered CPA, Joe is an active member of the Next Series Club.


During the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank earlier this year, Joe was instrumental in ensuring the safety of our G2 business and funds – working around the clock so our employees could be paid on time and also protect our finances with a long-term strategy. With Joe at the helm of our Finance department, we’ve been able to achieve impressive growth, even amid economic downturns like what we’re experiencing today.

Priti Patel, our Chief People Officer, shared a few words about the impact Joe has had on G2:

  • "Joe's impact at G2 is hard to put into words. What I appreciate most about Joe is that I know I can rely on him to look ahead and see around corners — always with G2's best interests at heart. I have had the privilege to see his proactive mindset steer our team through many hardships, leaving us in a better spot than we were before. I personally can't thank him enough for his leadership."

Marty Duffy has been promoted to SVP of Product R&D Operations, where he runs a diverse team of 11 disciplines across three regions – from review generation teams to support to technical documentation. He understands the details to support execution and strategy as well. Marty’s been with G2 for seven years, first joining as Director of Research; however, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Marty previously for several years at my prior company BigMachines, which was acquired by Oracle.

Marty Duffy

Marty has been working in digital for over 15 years at companies ranging from start-up to enterprise and in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Prior to G2, he held web and product roles at ProjectStory, United Airlines, BigMachines, and World Vision. A generalist by nature, he brings to his work a horizontal breadth of experience with deep specialties in operations, services, and product.

Sara Rossio, G2’s Chief Product Officer, weighed in to celebrate Marty’s promotion:

  • "Due to his extensive experience and expertise, Marty is a trusted and reliable resource for many individuals across the company. He is always willing to lend his support and provide assistance to anyone who needs it. Marty is well-known for embodying the company's values and promoting positive interactions through his compassionate and joyful demeanor. He has a reputation for being skilled in resolving complex issues and providing support wherever it is necessary. The team at G2 is grateful to work with Marty, as he constantly inspires others to become better leaders and better people through his example."

Please join us in congratulating these two outstanding leaders on their well-deserved promotions as they continue to lead G2 on our continued growth journey!

G2 Promotes Tenured Leaders Joe Stuckel & Marty Duffy to SVP Roles G2 has promoted two tenured leaders to SVP roles. Joe Stuckel is now SVP, Head of Finance and Marty Duffy is SVP of Product R&D Operations. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/BlogPost-MartyJoePromotion-FeaturedImage-DA-V01@2x%20%281%29.png
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