G2 Summer 2023 Reports: The Movers, Shakers, & Top Performers

June 21, 2023

Before you head out on your summer vacations, don’t forget to pack the flip flops, sunscreen, and a good beach read: G2’s Summer 2023 Reports. Released just last week, all 13,368 reports featuring 15,525 total products and 1,035 categories can be viewed by logging into my.G2.com

Summer Reports 2023 - May 10 - Social - V02

As G2’s recent algorithm changes went live on the Grid® on April 25, the Summer 2023 G2 Grid® reports are the first to reflect these changes. As a refresher, G2 Score is the calculated average of two other proprietary scores: Market Satisfaction + Market Presence. Market Satisfaction has been improved to prioritize review recency, quality, and source, while Market Presence now includes ZoomInfo as an additional data source for a more holistic view of employee count and growth. These changes aim to provide buyers with more relevant information and yield more accurate reflections about vendors on G2.

With that said, let’s dive into our quarterly look at the ‘who’s who’ in G2 Reports: the software companies and products that show up most often in these reports, which rank the highest and improved the most, as well which categories emerged and grew over the last quarter. 

Software Companies & Products on G2 with the Most Reports: Enterprise Vendors Continue to Reign

The 10 companies featured in the most G2 reports remain the same with a few swaps in the order. Notably, Microsoft retains its #1 spot, featured in an additional 93 reports this quarter. 

Companies with Most Reports

# of Reports

1. Microsoft


2. Google


3. Zoho Corporation


4. Oracle


5. IBM


6. Salesforce


7. SAP


8. Adobe


9. AWS


10. HubSpot


The products appearing in the most reports also mostly maintain their stronghold, with ClickUp keeping its reputation as the product with the most G2 quarterly reports (appearing in 19 additional reports this season). While HubSpot’s Sales Hub continues its top 10 ranking, its Marketing Hub also joins the list this season. 

Products with Most Reports

#of Reports

1. ClickUp


2. Semrush


3. monday.com


4. Google Workspace


5. HubSpot Sales Hub


6. ZoomInfo SalesOS


7. HubSpot Marketing Hub


8. Act-On


9. Wrike


10. SAP SuccessFactors 


Companies & Products With Most #1 Rankings and Highest G2 Scores

Beyond the companies and products showing up in the most Summer 2023 reports, here, we’ll dive into which secured the most #1 rankings and highest G2 scores. 

On the vendor side we see some shake-up with Google moving into the #1 spot and Salesforce joining the top 10 list. 

Companies with the Most #1 Rankings

  Number of #1 Rankings

1. Google


2. Microsoft


3. HubSpot


4. AWS


5. IBM


6. SAP


7. Zoom Video Communications


8. monday.com


9. GitHub


10. Salesforce 


On the product front, Glassbox moves from seventh into first, as the product with with the most #1 report rankings this season. New entrants to the top 10 include: Google Workspace, Zendesk Support Suite, and NinjaOne. 

Products with the Most #1 Rankings

  Number of #1 Rankings

1. Glassbox


2. HubSpot Marketing Hub


3. Google Workspace


4. HubSpot Sales Hub


5. Zoom


6. Insider


7. monday.com


8. GitHub


9. Zendesk Support Suite


10. NinjaOne  (formerly NinjaRMM)


Let’s also take a look at who ranked best according to G2 Score. Instacart moves from fourth to first, as Sprout Social shifts from 10th to fourth. Three vendors new to the list from last season include: Siemens Digital Industries Software, Smartsheet, and monday.com. 

Top Companies by G2 Score

G2 Score

1. Instacart


2. UiPath


3. HubSpot


4. Sprout Social


5. GitHub


6. Siemens Digital Industries Software 


7. Smartsheet


8. TechSmith


9. Shopify


10. monday.com 


We continue to see some shake-up when it comes to the products with the highest G2 scores. Half of the top 10 (including the top two) are new this season: Relias Learning Management, Microsoft SharePoint, Visual Studio Code, Google Classroom, and Shopify. 

Top Products by G2 Score

G2 Score

1. Relias Learning Management System


2. Microsoft SharePoint


3. Behance


4. Visual Studio Code


5. Adobe Photoshop


6. Adobe Illustrator


7. Google Classroom


8. Azure Portal


9. Microsoft Teams


10. Shopify


The Most Improved Products This Season

Over the past quarter, many products improved their report rankings. Let’s give a shout out to those making the most drastic improvements, starting with Simcenter STAR-CCM+, which saw a 97% change from 39th to 1st in the Simulation & CAE category report. 

Most Improved Products 

1. Simcenter STAR-CCM+

2. Microsoft Bing Web Search API

3. Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows Server

4. AT&T Connect

5. Salesforce Sales Cloud

6. #paid

7. Azure Translator Speech API

8. Notion

9. Frontline Central

10. Amazon QuickSight

Some products even improved so much they moved into #1 rankings. The greatest improvements are outlined below – Simcenter STAR-CCM+ taking the #1 spot here as well, with Microsoft Bing Web Search API and Internet Information Services  for Windows Server also making significant leaps to #1 from rankings in the 30s. We’ve featured a top 11 list to reflect the tie for 10th. 

Most Improved #1 Ranked Products 

Category Rank Change

1. Simcenter STAR-CCM+

From 39th to 1st in Simulation & CAE

2. Microsoft Bing Web Search API

From 33rd to 1st in Enterprise Search Software 

3. Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows Server

31 to 1st to Managed Hosting

4. Amazon QuickSight

12th to 1st in Embedded Business Intelligence 

5. Frontline Central

12th to 1st in Education HR

6. Amazon Comprehend

11th to 1st in Natural Language Processing

7. Tactic

11th to 1st in Space Management 

8. IBM Security Verify 

10th to 1st in Risk-based Authentication 

9. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

10th to 1st in Antivirus 

10. Mimecast Mailbox Continuity 

10th to 1st in Email Archiving 

11. ShipHero

10th to 1st in Warehouse Management 

The Categories Growing and Emerging on G2

After reviewing the software companies and products that stood out across our thousands of Summer 2023 reports, we’re also taking a look at trends among categories on G2 over the past quarter. It’s worth noting that we have over 2,000 categories on G2. They’re constantly growing with new products added, as new categories emerge as well. 

We couldn't cap this list at just 10 since we had some ties. Video Conferencing was the category experiencing the most growth in terms of  products added – with 19 new products joining that category over the last quarter. Cloud Security and Employee Engagement see consistent growth, appearing on the list again from last quarter. 

Categories with Most Product Growth 

# of Products Added This Quarter

1. Video Conferencing 


2. Time & Attendance


3. Cloud Security


4. Survey


5. Marketing Automation 


6. Core HR


7. Employee Engagement


8. SEO Tools


9. Backup


10. Operating System


11. SMS Marketing


12. Chatbots 


There were 19 new categories added to G2 over the last quarter – including some focused on services, such as IBM and ServiceNow implementers & consultants. As these categories continue to grow, expect to see them show up in future G2 Reports! 

New Software Categories Added to G2

  • AI Chatbots — advanced tools that leverage artificial intelligence to interact with users in a human-like manner
  • AI Code Generation —  software that references large pools of data to generate efficient, functional code that adheres to coding best practices
  • API Generation — allows users to rapidly create and deploy application programming interfaces (APIs) in a secure environment
  • AWS Implementers and Consultants —  specialize in consulting, implementing, and optimizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) products
  • Banking as a Service (BaaS)  solutions that partner with licensed banks, package the partner banks’ products with their own technology and make the bundle available via APIs to their customers
  • Brand Advocacy Serviceshelp businesses identify customers, employees, or partners who can serve as advocates of a company’s brand
  • Brand Asset Management — helps businesses manage data and media that support a company’s branding, such as logos, brand colors and fonts, social assets, and rich media assets
  • Cloud Hosting — providers using cloud resources to make websites and applications accessible over the internet
  • Customer Service Automationdesigned to provide AI-driven customer support on low-level tasks like ticket resolutions for password resets, refunds, and technical issues
  • Emergency Management — designed to help responders develop and improve time management and organizational skills
  • Employee Perks — helps businesses provide and administer fringe benefits to their employees, aiming to provide perks to improve company culture, environment, and well-being
  • Employer of Record (EOR) — solutions from third-party organizations that handle the hiring process for companies looking to hire internationally
  • Global Employment Platforms (GEP) —  SaaS applications that allow companies to hire internationally without establishing themselves in another country. The software acts as the de facto employer
  • Hire Train Deploy Services — used to recruit and train staff for technical fields, then place them in temporary positions at contracting companies
  • IBM Implementers and Consultants — business service providers specializing in implementing and optimizing the various offerings within the IBM product portfolio
  • Real-time Analytic Database — designed to process and analyze high volumes of data in near real time
  • SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) Solutions — automated security tools that monitor security risks in software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and can significantly reduce the chances of sensitive data leakage
  • ServiceNow Implementers and Consultants — provide industry or domain expertise and deep implementation knowledge while playing a wide range of roles in delivering a solution that maximizes customers’ return on investment
  • Vector Database type of database that stores data as vectors, helping to classify complex or unstructured data by representing all of its different characteristics or features as vectors

Congrats to all of the software vendors featured in our G2 Summer 2023 reports. As always, we look forward to seeing those badges shared on social media (especially those of you who come up with creative ways to tout your recognition!).  Enjoy the summer and use this time to prepare for next season’s reports releasing in September.

G2 Summer 2023 Reports: The Movers, Shakers, & Top Performers G2’s Summer 2023 Reports are now live, available on My.G2.com. Read about the top companies, products, and categories across 13,368 reports featuring 15,525 total software products across 1,348 categories. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Summer%20Reports%202023%20-%20May%2010%20-%20Social%20-%20jo.png
Palmer Houchins Palmer Houchins is the VP, Head of Marketing at G2. He previously served as a senior marketing leader and G2 customer at Mailchimp (acquired by Intuit) and CallRail ($125M+ in funding). https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/g2-leadership-palmer-houchins@2x.png https://www.linkedin.com/in/palmerhouchins