G2 Fall 2022 Reports: Insights Gleaned from 13,057 Software Products

September 29, 2022

It’s hard to believe another season has flown by. If the sudden influx of pumpkin spice and apple cider flavored/scented everything wasn't a clear indicator already, G2’s Fall Reports publishing last week certainly were. In case you missed them or wanted to explore more, you can log in and view the reports here.

Personally, I’ve loved seeing G2 badges flood my social media feeds over the past week. We publish thousands of market reports featuring thousands of products. So, like we did last quarter with the Summer 2022 reports, we’re taking a moment to zoom out and highlight some higher level takeaways — like…across all of these different reports, which software products and companies appeared the most? Which tout the most # 1 rankings or highest G2 score? Which improved the most since last season? And, which categories were added or experienced the most growth?

First, it’s worth acknowledging that not only is the breadth and depth of G2’s report landscape massive, but it’s expanding rapidly! Our Fall 2022 Reports include 8,750 reports featuring 13,057 total products across 879 categories

So without further ado, let’s dive into the highlights for Fall 2022.

Software Sellers and Products on G2 with the Most Fall 2022 Reports

We define a software seller as any vendor providing two or more products listed on G2. With this definition in mind, we see that Microsoft is the most popular this season, with its products appearing in 1,640 different reports!

Sellers with Most Reports # of Reports
1. Microsoft 1,640
2. Zoho Corporation 1,339
3. Oracle 1,206
4. Google 1,107
5. Salesforce 1,009
6. Adobe 982
7. SAP 929
8. IBM 833
9. HubSpot 815
10. AWS 751

And when it comes to which products were included the most frequently this time around, ClickUp repeats its #1 spot on the list, with 416 reports – up from the 378 reports it was featured in last quarter.

Products with Most Reports # of Reports
1. ClickUp 416
2. Semrush 373
3. Google Workspace 308
4. HubSpot Sales Hub 297
5. ZoomInfo SalesOS 294
6. ActiveCampaign 293
7. monday.com 269
8. Zendesk Support Suite 253
9. Wrike 246
10. Act-On 242

Sellers & Products With Most #1 Rankings and Highest G2 Scores

Beyond which companies and products received the most ink in our reports, we also like to see who came out on top from a ranking and scoring perspective. When it comes to sellers with most #1 rankings this season, Microsoft takes the cake (with 100+ more #1 rankings than it had in Summer 2022), swapping spots with HubSpot, which led last quarter here.

Sellers with the Most #1 Rankings Number of #1 Rankings
1. Microsoft 327
2. HubSpot 271
3. Google 211
4. monday.com 153
5. AWS 133
6. Zoho Corporation 120
7. IBM 104
8. Check Point Software Technologies 95
9. Autodesk 88
10. Oracle 85

For products achieving the most #1 rankings, it was HubSpot Sales Hub – with HubSpot Marketing Hub following in second once again. Notably, monday.com moved from the sixth slot into third, while Zendesk Support Suite is a new entrant to the top 10 this season. Love seeing a shake-up with new players entering the fold!

Products with the Most #1 Rankings Number of #1 Rankings
1. Hubspot Sales Hub 109
2. Hubspot Marketing Hub 103
3. monday.com 92
4. Zendesk Support Suite 77
5. Zoom 75
6. GitHub 73
7. Rippling 72
8. Insider 69
9. Birdeye 64
10. Google Workspace 62

G2’s research scoring methodologies are based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. We apply a unique algorithm to this data to calculate the customer Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in real time.

And when it comes to the top software sellers with the highest G2 Scores, KnowBe4, Inc tops the list, with UiPath and HubSpot following in second and third. Kudos on your high scores this season!

Top Sellers by G2 Score G2 Score
1. KnowBe4, Inc. 92.5
2. UiPath 92.2
3. HubSpot 89.5
4. Epic Systems Corporation 89.4
5. GitHub 88.1
6. Shopify 88.0
7. Malwarebytes 87.9
8. Dropbox 87.4
9. Coinbase 87.2
10. Amplitude 86.4

In terms of products with the top G2 Scores, Dropbox takes all, shifting from its #2 spot on this list last quarter. Impressively, not ranked in the top 10 last season, WeTransfer moves up into second.

Top Products by G2 Score G2 Score
1. Dropbox 99.58
2. WeTransfer 98.30
3. Shopify 98.21
4. Adobe Photoshop 98.12
5. Microsoft PowerPoint 98.02
6. Windows 10 97.99
7. Zoom 97.87
8. SurveyMonkey 97.85
9. Behance 97.84
10. Adobe Illustrator 97.78

The Most Improved Products This Season

We also like to shout out those products that saw the greatest improvement over the past quarter in their G2 report rankings. Pexip saw the most significant change, but congrats to all of these top 10 most improved products for Fall 2022!

Most Improved Products
1. Pexip
2. ClickMeeting
3. Anymeeting Video Conferencing
4. HoneyBook
5. Voxco Survey Platform
6. Fyrebox
7. BeamPro
8. TalkRoom.io
9. myBiz by MakeMyTrip
10. Maropost Marketing Cloud

Some of those improvements over the past quarter even led to #1 rankings, like for UpGuard which saw a shift from 12th to 1st place in its category. Way to go to UpGuard and the other nine products featured on our top 10 most improved to #1 ranking list!

Most Improved #1 Ranked Products Category Rank Change
1. UpGuard From 12th to 1st in Third Party & Supplier Risk Management
2. Duo Security From 11th to 1st in Cloud Security
3. Jellyfish From 8th to 1st in Software Development Analytics Tools
4. Sophos MDR From 7th to 1st in Managed Detection & Response (MDR)
5. Peek Pro From 5th to 1st in Tour Operator
6. Matador From 4th to 1st in Automotive Marketing
7. MyCarrierTMS From 4th to1 st in Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
8. Procurify From 4th to 1st in Purchasing
9. Sageworks Lending From 4th to 1st in Loan Origination
10. Wealthbox CRM From 3rd to 1st in Financial Services CRM

The Categories Growing and Emerging on G2

In addition to examining the software sellers and products scoring the highest marks in our reports, we took a look at the software categories experiencing the most growth during the past quarter too (in terms of the number of new products added). It may not come as a surprise that many of the top growing categories are those supporting workplace collaboration, efficiency, employee retention, customer engagement, and more. Video conferencing saw the most growth, with the addition of 15 new products to the category on G2 since last season’s reports were published.

Categories with Most Product Growth # of Products Added This Quarter
1. Video Conferencing 15
2. Business Instant Messaging 14
3. Survey 12
4. Email Marketing 12
5. Employee Engagement 12
6. Data Security 12
7. Corporate Learning Management Systems 11
8. Recruiting Automation 11
9. iPaaS 11
10. Cloud Content Collaboration 10

We currently have over 2,100 different categories in the G2 marketplace. And, that number continues to grow. Over the past quarter alone, we saw the addition of 10 new software categories on G2 — including those for Athlete Management, Brand Intelligence, and Proactive Customer Retention, among others.

New Software Categories Added to G2
Employer of Record (EOR) Services - a third-party organization that handles the hiring process for companies looking to hire internationally.
Java Development Kit (JDK) Distributions - provide the necessary resources and processes to run Java applications atop an underlying operating system.
Athlete Management - helps amateur and professional sports team staff manage the performance, physical wellbeing, and communications of their athletes.
Database DevOps Software - allow development teams to automate, manage, and test database changes as part of their continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.
Proactive Customer Retention - detects the risk indicators that lead to customer churn and escalation.
Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Platforms - a cybersecurity architecture built to tackle modern computing environments.
Web Data Providers - aggregate data from numerous data sources such as web pages, blogs, forums, etc., and provide this data across several industries.
Penetration Testing Services - are used to test vulnerabilities within computer systems and applications.
Reverse ETL - used to pull data from data warehouses or any other central data repository and send this data to third-party integrations, API integrations and tools, pre-built connectors, etc.
Brand Intelligence - used by marketing leaders to improve their brand health and expand the top of the marketing funnel.

Congratulations to ALL software companies and products featured in our Fall 2022 reports. Were there any other interesting insights or surprises you saw this season? Let us know, and keep sharing those badges in the meantime!

G2 Fall 2022 Reports: Insights Gleaned from 13,057 Software Products G2’s Fall 2022 Reports include 8,750 reports featuring 13,057 total products across 916 categories. This post dives deeper into which software sellers and products appear most frequently, come out on top the most, are improving, and which categories are growing and emerging too. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/FallReports-FeaturedImage-DA-V02@2x.png
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