G2 Fall 2023 Reports: The Who’s Who of Software this Season

September 14, 2023

Another quarter has flown by and this week we released our latest quarterly Market Reports. G2’s Fall 2023 reports – more than 20,000 of them – feature 16,514 total products and 1,058 categories. And you can check any and all of them out by logging into my.G2.com


As we do each quarter (see our Summer 2023 Reports recap), we’ll look across the data from all reports to spotlight:

  • Who’s trending: the software companies and products that show up most often
  • Who’s leading: those with the most #1 rankings and highest G2 Scores
  • Who’s making moves: those demonstrating the most improvement since the last quarter
  • What’s changing: new categories added to the G2 software marketplace as well as those that have experienced high growth in terms of new products added

Software Companies & Products on G2 with the Most Reports

The top 10 companies with the most reports this quarter remain the same from Summer 2023, with a few swaps in the order. Notably, Salesforce jumped from 7th to 4th place and Microsoft holds at #1 — featured in 3,898 Fall 2023 Reports. 

Companies with Most Reports

# of Reports

  1. Microsoft


  1. Google


  1. Zoho Corporation


  1. Salesforce


  1. Oracle


  1. Adobe


  1. SAP


  1. IBM


  1. AWS


  1. HubSpot


When it comes to the most popular products we saw in G2’s Fall 2023 Reports, ClickUp retains its lead with 1,327 reports – the only product to surpass the 1,000 report threshold. Breaking into the top 10 this quarter, Asana and Zendesk Support Suite join the list. 

Products with Most Reports

#of Reports

  1. ClickUp


  1. monday.com


  1. Google Workspace


  1. Semrush


  1. Wrike


  1. HubSpot Sales Hub


  1. ZoomInfo SalesOS


  1. Asana


  1. HubSpot Marketing Hub


  1. Zendesk Support Suite


Companies & Products With Most #1 Rankings and Highest G2 Scores

Now, let’s take a look at the season’s high performers – the software companies and products securing the most #1 report rankings and highest G2 scores. 

For vendors, Microsoft takes the top spot from Google, while Salesforce jumps from 10th to the 4th spot, and Adobe cracks the top 10 list. 

Companies with the Most #1 Rankings

  Number of #1 Rankings

  1. Microsoft


  1. Google


  1. HubSpot


  1. Salesforce 


  1. monday.com


  1. AWS


  1. IBM


  1. SAP


  1. Zoom Video Communications


  1. Adobe


On the product front, HubSpot Marketing Hub moves into the top spot, with the most #1 report rankings this quarter, as Salesforce Sales Cloud and ClickUp join this top 10 list. 

Products with the Most #1 Rankings

  Number of #1 Rankings

  1. HubSpot Marketing Hub


  1. Google Workspace


  1. monday.com


  1. Salesforce Sales Cloud


  1. Glassbox


  1. HubSpot Sales Hub 


  1. Zoom


  1. ClickUp


  1. Zendesk Support Suite


  1. Insider


Now, let’s look at our top performers when it comes to G2 Score. For reference, G2 scores products and vendors based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. We apply a unique algorithm (updated earlier this year) to this data to calculate the customer Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in real time.

For Fall 2023 Reports, Instacart holds its #1 position with a G2 Score of 93.6 – the only vendor with a score over 90 – as KnowBe4, Inc. and Amazon emerge as new entrants to the top 10. 

Top Companies by G2 Score

G2 Score

  1. Instacart


  1. HubSpot


  1. Sprout Social


  1. UiPath


  1. KnowBe4, Inc.


  1. Siemens Digital Industries Software 


  1. GitHub


  1. TechSmith


  1. Amazon


  1. Smartsheet


When we review the top 10 products in our latest reports by G2 Score, Relias Learning Management System holds at #1 with a 98.9, as two new products crack the list this season: IBM Infosphere Optim Data Privacy and Microsoft Access. 

Top Products by G2 Score

G2 Score

  1. Relias Learning Management System


  1. Azure Portal


  1. Microsoft SharePoint


  1. Behance


  1. IBM Infosphere Optim Data Privacy


  1. Visual Studio Code


  1. Microsoft Teams


  1. Adobe Photoshop


  1. Microsoft Access

97. 7

  1. Shopify


The Most Improved Products This Season

We also like to recognize those products who might not have the most #1 reports or the highest G2 Score, but saw a drastic improvement over the last quarter. Efficacy CRM gets the “most improved” honor this season, moving up 97 spots in Email Marketing, seeing the highest percentage change over the past quarter (78%!).

Most Improved Products 

  1. Efficy CRM
  1. Mitel MiCollab
  1. Citrix Secure Workspace
  1. NetX360
  1. Revotas
  1. CentreStack
  1. Pollfish
  1. Teamwork CRM
  1. BeamPro
  1. CentraHub CRM

And a special recognition goes out to the products who saw not just a significant improvement – but enough to move them into the #1 spot in their category. 

The products seeing the greatest improvement to get them to a #1 ranking are below, with CareerBuilder Talent Network taking the cake with a jump from #46 to #1 in the Recruitment Marketing category. Impressive is an understatement! 

Most Improved #1 Ranked Products 

Category Rank Change

  1. CareerBuilder Talent Network

From 46th to 1st in Recruitment Marketing

  1. Salesforce Sales Cloud

From 26th to 1st in Conversation Intelligence 

  1. SAP S/4HANA Cloud

From 23rd to 1st in Quality Management

  1. Forma 

From 18th to 1st in Corporate Wellness

  1. Glider AI

From 16th to 1st in Video Interviewing 

  1. GoDaddy Hosting 

From 11th to 1 in Dedicated Hosting 

  1. FortiGate SD-WAN

From 9th to 1st in SD-WAN


From 9th to 1st in Content Curation

  1. Dealertrack DMS

From 8th to 1st in Car Dealer

  1. TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform

From 8th to 1st in HIPAA Compliant Messaging 

The Categories Growing and Emerging on G2

Beyond the vendor and product view of the software landscape on G2, it’s always fun to examine category trends too. Every quarter (every month actually!) G2’s Market Research team is adding new categories to our marketplace in addition to adding new vendors and products. 

When we look at which categories saw the most growth in terms of number of products added, Business Scheduling comes out on top with 26 new products added. It’s also worth acknowledging Cloud Security and Core HR are seeing consistent growth – both appearing on this list last quarter. Generative AI also shows no signs of slowing down its growth, with 12 new AI Writing Assistant products added. 

Categories with Most Product Growth 

# of Products Added This Quarter

  1. Business Scheduling


  1. WordPress Hosting


  1. Cloud Security


  1. Business Intelligence


  1. Lead Intelligence


  1. Core HR


  1. System Security 


  1. Travel & Expense


  1. Analytics Platforms 


  1. AI Writing Assistants


Since Summer Reports were released, 10 new categories have been added – ranging from AI Video Generation to Solar Design to UKG Consulting Services. It typically will take some time for new categories to mature, with a viable amount of products featured. Once they do, those categories will get their own live Grids and will be featured in upcoming quarterly reports. 

New Software Categories Added to G2

  • Remote Video Support – Helps customer support agents and technicians provide remote guidance to customers via customer handheld devices like smartphones and tablet computers.
  • PDF SDKs – Specialized Software Development Kits (SDKs) that facilitate the development of PDF-related functionality within applications, providing developers with pre-built components for rapidly embedding document processors, PDF editors, and more into their software products. 
  • Cybersecurity Professional Development – Helps cybersecurity professionals cultivate new skills to identify, address, and mitigate security threats better. 
  • SQL Integrated Development Environments (IDE) – Comprehensive software platforms designed to assist database administrators, analysts, and developers in managing and interacting with multiple SQL database systems and developing SQL code. 
  • AI Video Generation – Encompasses diverse tools and technologies that enable the creation, editing, storage, and distribution of video content, driven by sophisticated AI algorithms. 
  • Workforce Planning – HR, finance, and talent teams use these products to forecast current and future staffing issues by aligning expectations between department leadership on issues like baseline headcount, hiring workflows and approvals, and compensation bands.  
  • Solar Design – A design tool used to design, simulate, and analyze the performance of solar power systems. 
  • UKG Consulting Services – Service providers specializing in implementing and optimizing the various offerings within the UKG ecosystem.  
  • Large Language MOdels (LLMs) – Advanced AI systems specifically engineered to comprehend, interpret, and generate human-like text from a wide array of inputs. 
  • Smart Contract Audit Services – Cybersecurity service providers helping businesses by assessing the security and reliability of smart contracts.  

See you next season!

That wraps up our Fall 2023 Reports recap. Another report season in the books, and another season chock-full of insights on the always evolving and growing B2B software and services  marketplace. We know the pace of change in software can be difficult to keep up with, so our live Grids, constantly updated taxonomy, and Quarterly Reports are here to help. 

See you in a few months for Winter 2023 Reports, and in the meantime… share your G2 badges and report rankings proudly, and feel free to ask Monty (our AI-powered software business assistant) to help with any of your software needs.

G2 Fall 2023 Reports: The Who’s Who of Software this Season G2’s Fall 2023 Reports are now live, available on My.G2.com. Read about the top companies, products, and categories across 20,9696 reports featuring 16,514 total software products across 1,058 categories. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/FallReports2024-BlogFeaturedImage@2x.png
Palmer Houchins Palmer Houchins is the VP, Head of Marketing at G2. He previously served as a senior marketing leader and G2 customer at Mailchimp (acquired by Intuit) and CallRail ($125M+ in funding). https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/g2-leadership-palmer-houchins@2x.png https://www.linkedin.com/in/palmerhouchins