Introducing G2 TechBlend: G2 & TechTarget Partnership Bridges B2B Tech Content Gap

February 12, 2024

The B2B technology landscape is constantly evolving. Across our G2 marketplace, we’ve observed a 7% quarterly growth in software over the past five years. For those following the vast world of B2B technology, it can be difficult to keep up. 

G2 TechBlend: a new destination for the most relevant and up-to-date information in the enterprise technology sector

That’s why we’re proud to partner with TechTarget to introduce G2 TechBlend – a solution designed to offer comprehensive and reliable content for the always-evolving technology landscape. G2 TechBlend aims to become a go-to source for over 90 million annual visitors, offering a rich blend of insights, news, and analysis on business-oriented software and technology trends. 

For 25 years, TechTarget has been pioneering independent enterprise technology editorial content and learning resources that directly support B2B tech purchase decision-making. As part of this collaboration, TechTarget’s vast expertise across more than 200 targeted markets will be integrated into G2 TechBlend, thus providing access to the most relevant and up-to-date information in enterprise technology. TechTarget's deep-rooted understanding of the industry and its trends makes them an ideal partner for this venture.

Combining the extensive reach & expertise from two tech powerhouses: G2 and TechTarget

Readers on TechTarget’s network will also now gain direct access to the 2.5 million trusted and authentic peer reviews featured in G2’s software and services marketplace via a new section on TechTarget editorial properties. This integration will empower software buyers with the knowledge they need to make better informed decisions about the technology implementations necessary to support their transformational strategies.

Commenting on this partnership, Rebecca Kitchens, President at TechTarget, noted: “This initiative marks a significant step in content sharing and audience engagement. It leverages the unique strengths of both the G2 and TechTarget platforms to provide an unmatched resource for B2B technology buying research. Working with G2 and TechBlend, we are excited to explore the potential of this partnership as a way of transforming how professionals can access purchase decision support information in the B2B technology space in all the ways that work best for them.”

At G2, we echo this sentiment. This partnership is more than a content sharing agreement, it's a commitment to providing the technology community with reliable, comprehensive, user-centric information. G2 and TechTarget are two organizations dedicated to continuously enhancing user experience and knowledge sharing in the B2B technology space. This work together is the latest example of how we’re both focused on supporting tech buyers in the ways that are most contextually relevant and useful to them as they navigate through large, complex purchase decisions.

Get up to speed on latest B2B tech insights at G2 TechBlend, and stay tuned for how this resource evolves to serve the dynamic needs of technology professionals around the world. 

Introducing G2 TechBlend: G2 & TechTarget Partnership Bridges B2B Tech Content Gap Through a new reciprocal content partnership with TechTarget, a leading editorial content provider for enterprise technology, G2 has launched G2 TechBlend – a comprehensive resource for B2B technology content.
Ross Briggs Ross leads SEO & Content Marketing teams at G2, and is responsible for the traffic acquisition strategies bringing software buyers to the G2 website each month. He has spent the past 13 years mastering SEO across agency and in-house roles, and has increased traffic for large brands including ASICS, Bosch, Titleist, and CenturyLink Cable.