G2 Track Monitors Vendors’ Compliance Data, So You Don’t Have To

July 9, 2019

Compliance Hub Helps Businesses Ensure Vendors Comply With Standards

We at G2 Track are on a mission to be the system of record that helps you optimize every tool in your tech stack -- all by managing software spend, usage, contracts, and compliance.

Today, we’re excited to announce Compliance Hub! Which was built to help you do just that, allowing G2 Track customers own their security and compliance end-to-end.

Our new Compliance Hub allows businesses to track the compliance status of every product it uses against multiple common standards, automatically in real time. This helps eliminate the risk of falling out of compliance due to lost documents, resource constraints or human error.

G2 Track’s Compliance Hub enables IT, Security, Compliance, and Business Operations teams to monitor the data, security, privacy, and company governance of every product their teams use.


Easily manage compliance -- everywhere and always.

As always, we built Compliance Hub with you in mind, and using the tool is as simple as using G2 Track itself.

Simply log-in for an up-to-date summary of your compliance. G2 Track does the heavy lifting by auto-populating compliance statuses with publicly-available data from the vendors you use. This gives you a crystal clear (and current) understanding of the compliance of every app you use.


Compliance Hub helps you take full ownership of your company’s security and compliance.

  • Drill Down, Product-by-Product: Finally -- the essential, comprehensive view your team has been waiting for. Go-deep on compliance and security by tracking against the most common compliance standards; such as GDPR, Privacy Shield, SOC 2, ISO 27001, CSA Star, VSAs, DPAs, -- per product, per certification.
  • Customize Your Compliance: No two companies are the same, neither are their compliance needs. Besides tracking the most common compliance standards by default, G2 Track allows you to create additional custom compliance items you need to monitor; encompassing IT security, company governance, customer privacy and data processing certifications. For example, G2 Track can help monitor industry-specific compliance standards such as HIPAA and TCPA.
  • Curate, Organize, Optimize: Your technology stack is ever-changing, so is your tools’ compliance. Manage all day-to-day execution of your security strategy through a single tool to save certifications to, and flag the ones you don’t have yet -- so you can follow-up with your teams or vendors.

We look forward to seeing our customers use Compliance Hub to transform their business’ security strategy into a competitive advantage.

Happy Tracking!