G2 Verified Surveys Serve Up Unique Insights to Inform B2B Software Investment, Acquisition, & Strategy Decisions

May 25, 2023

The B2B software landscape is constantly evolving. Our marketplace on G2 is a clear indicator of this: we added nearly 80 new software categories in 2022 alone! For investors, private equity firms, and venture capitalists, keeping up with this pace of change and having a pulse on the market is critical. Which software categories and vendors are trending? Which aren’t?

Going a layer deeper with custom insights into product performance, consumer behavior, & sentiment

Fortunately, with G2 Data Solutions, they’re able to access these insights, tapping into data on G2 – like the 2 million+ verified reviews across 150,000+ different products and services — to inform their investment, acquisition, and strategy decisions. Taking these insights even further, today, we’re introducing G2 Verified Surveys. These surveys extract the deepest level of value and insights from G2-verified software users, providing a detailed look into product performance, consumer behavior, and sentiment.

Gaining a differentiated perspective from verified software users exclusive to G2’s network

Considering that 80 million software buyers visit G2 annually to inform their software decisions across 2,100 different categories, G2 is uniquely positioned to conduct custom surveys of its audience to extract helpful and nuanced insights. With G2 Verified Surveys, users can:

  • Access G2’s unique network—quickly and efficiently. With an untapped network of over 1.5 million registered and verified users to draw from, G2 fields surveys at a higher quality level by engaging with familiar G2 users. Investors can improve efficiency by tapping into insights from already verified, vetted users, instead of searching for customers to survey. And, with quick turnarounds from the time a survey is sent to when results are provided, Verified Surveys customers are less than two weeks away from better decision making.
  • Take the guesswork out of primary research or customer feedback, gathering insights at scale. Acting on due diligence has never been easier as Verified Surveys are built to drive more granular insights. By targeting users from G2’s existing data set, specific and requested pieces of data can be captured both qualitatively and quantitatively through firmographics, ratings, value assessments, and more – going far beyond what users might receive from traditional surveys.
  • Get digestible and actionable data quickly, without compromising on quality. Survey responses from G2 Verified Surveys are presented in multiple formats to make insights easy to understand. All data is scrubbed and cleaned by G2, so it is delivered at the highest quality level.

Surveying B2B software users has never been easier, faster, and more reliable

Beyond making unique insights accessible and actionable, G2 also ensures the entire survey process is as seamless as possible with preset and custom questions. There are over 75 pre-set questions to choose from – guided by G2’s in-house expertise of its audience. In a matter of days, G2 sends incentivized emails to gather multiple responses for each question. And, in addition to the raw data, Verified Surveys customers gain access to data visualizations for all answered questions.

Recognizing how important trust is, G2 also ensures that all survey respondents have been verified as a current or previous user of the product. So for those interested in surveying users of particular software products, G2 has you covered.

So if you’re looking to quickly gather high-quality data that’s digestible and actionable on a large base of real B2B software, be sure to check out G2 Data Solutions’ new Verified Surveys offering.

G2 Verified Surveys Serve Up Unique Insights to Inform B2B Software Investment, Acquisition, & Strategy Decisions G2 Verified Surveys enable strategists and investors to survey G2-verified software users. These unique insights provide a detailed look into product performance, consumer behavior, and sentiment to inform software investment, acquisition, and strategy decisions. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/DataSolutionsCustomResearch-BlogSocial.png
JT Derian JT Derian is a Senior Product Manager at G2 responsible for both G2's Data Solutions and G2's Market Intelligence product lines. Prior to G2, he worked in technology strategy and diligence at Bain & Company. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/IMG_9567%20-%20JT%20Derian.jpg https://www.linkedin.com/in/jtderian