What to Know About G2’s 2023 Best Software Awards

February 8, 2023

Each year, I look forward to the release of our annual Best Software Awards at G2 as our own sort of holiday. There’s anticipation, there’s celebration, and yes, there are Times Square billboards too. 

And today, in its seventh year running, is that day for our 2023 award winners to be revealed. You can dig into all 30 lists here. A few are new this year – ranking the best software companies in the UK, France, and Germany, plus a persona-based list for best products for professionals in customer service.

Hundreds of winners may seem like a lot, but when you put it into perspective that there are 145,000+ software products & services and 115,000+ companies listed on G2, that’s pretty special. These awards are also not just from G2, but they’re rooted in real feedback from real customers. Winners are determined from our proprietary algorithm based on verified user reviews and publicly available market presence data. 

So not only is it competitive to win a Best Software Award, but you can also have the confidence in the objectivity and credibility of the results. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the overall winners and a few of the top trends.

Top ranked global software companies (mostly) retain their dominance 

HubSpot moves into the #1 spot for global software companies, swapping spots with Microsoft, which is ranked second this year. While most of the top 10 players are repeats from last year (with some shifts), two notable companies featured are Smartsheet and Salesforce, which placed 24th and 25th respectively last year. 

  1. HubSpot 
  2. Microsoft
  3. monday.com 
  4. Zendesk 
  5. Zoom Video Communications 
  6. Asana 
  7. Smartsheet
  8. Dropbox 
  9. Salesforce 
  10. Adobe 

Best software products, however, see major shake-ups from 2022

Of the top 10 best software products, nine were not among the top 10 last year and three of them didn’t appear in the top 100. Zendesk Support Suite moves from 10th to first, Freshping accelerates from 59th to second, and HubSpot Marketing Hub lands in the third place spot after ranking 20th last year. 

  1. Zendesk Support Suite 
  2. Freshping 
  3. HubSpot Marketing Hub 
  4. Paylocity 
  5. Confluence 
  6. Attentive 
  7. Zoho Desk
  8. Klaviyo 
  9. BambooHR 
  10. ServiceNow App Engine 


It’s also worth noting that while there are many software categories represented among the top product winners, employee experience and customer experience are two areas that rise to the top – as products in marketing, HR, commerce, customer service, internal collaboration, and more are recognized. 

AI tools sweep top 3 fastest-growing products

Beyond seeing who is the best of the best on their respective lists, we like to see which products saw the most growth too – based on G2's Momentum algorithm, normalized across categories. With ChatGPT bringing the hype around AI to the masses, it’s timely that five of the top 10 fastest software products this year – including the top three – are AI tools. 

  1. Jasper: AI writing assistant
  2. Synthesia: AI video production studio
  3. AdCreative.ai: AI platform generating ad creatives
  4. Figma
  5. monday marketer
  6. Fathom: AI meeting assistant
  7. monday sales CRM
  8. Notion
  9. TravelPerk
  10. Writesonic: AI writing and image generation platform

Knowing how hot this space is, let’s also take a look at the 2023 Top 10 Analytics & AI Products winners: 

  1. Qlik Sense
  2. IBM Watson Studio
  3. Tableau
  4. Kore.AI
  5. Alteryx
  6. Drift
  7. JMP
  8. Minitab Statistical Software
  9. Qualified
  10. IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson

Software buyers across the globe weigh in on their favorite local vendors 

Our growing, global software marketplace is visited by 80 million buyers each year – made up of 37 million from North America, 23 million from EMEA, and 20 million coming from APAC. 

Keeping true to software buyers’ needs, our 2023 awards offer a global perspective on the market, with regional “Best of” rankings too. Here are the #1 software companies in their respective regions:

Now, let’s celebrate & inform our buying decisions for 2023

If you’re a software company that’s received a Best Software Award this year, I hope you’re celebrating and touting your ranking. If you’re a software buyer looking for the best tools to help you do your best, please use these lists (as well as other resources in our marketplace) to inform your purchasing decisions for the year ahead.

To learn more, dig into all 30 Best Software Awards lists for 2023 and read more about G2's scoring methodology.  And happy Best Software Awards day to all who celebrate - virtual cheers from me and all of us at G2!

What to Know About G2’s 2023 Best Software Awards G2’s 2023 Best Software Award winners have been revealed. In its 7th year running, these awards recognize the top software companies and products across 30 different lists, based on verified user reviews and publicly available market presence data. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/BestSoftware2023-Blog-FeaturedImage@2x.png
Palmer Houchins Palmer Houchins is the VP, Head of Marketing at G2. He previously served as a senior marketing leader and G2 customer at Mailchimp (acquired by Intuit) and CallRail ($125M+ in funding). https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/g2-leadership-palmer-houchins@2x.png https://www.linkedin.com/in/palmerhouchins