What to Know About Changes Rolling Out to G2 Profiles

August 8, 2023

At G2, we're all about making things better for our customers and the millions of software buyers visiting our marketplace. So we’re introducing a few tweaks to enhance the experience.

After observing that buyers engaging with Free Profiles were often unable to get in touch with vendors because of unmanaged profiles, we’ve decided to remove CTAs and leads for free profiles — making those features only available on upgraded profiles to ensure smooth buyer interactions and more direct connections with interested buyers.

While we’d love all software vendors to upgrade their profiles, this isn’t a win just for us – but for software vendors and their prospective buyers visiting their G2 Profiles too. Buyers will now be able to connect with more engaged sellers as upgraded profiles ensure proper lead routing. 

The TLDR: Changes to Free G2 Profiles

If you’re a Profile admin for a free G2 Profile, an email was sent your way outlining these latest changes to Free Profiles. To summarize, they include:

  • Farewell to Vendor CTA Buttons and Leads: Because many Free Profiles went unmanaged, buyers often struggled to get responses from vendors after interacting with their profiles. As such, CTAs and Leads are now exclusively available on upgraded plans, ensuring buyers who raise their hands will be contacted and that you’ll have the opportunity to connect with them.
  • Website Link Changes: Linking directly to your website is now exclusively available on upgraded profiles. With this change, we’ve also enhanced the traffic analytics in my.G2 to track buyers going to your site.
  • Unlimited Admin Access: We know how important it is for the right people to get access to your G2 Profile—hassle free. That's why we’re saying goodbye to the two admin limit and saying hello to unlimited admins. No more worrying about licenses filling up!

Despite these changes, products with a Free G2 Profile can still earn and use awarded Badges, collect reviews, and be eligible for inclusion in all Grid reports.  

The Impact of an Upgrade

Customers who upgrade to a paid plan will get access to CTA buttons and leads, as well as the ability to showcase their website URL hyperlink on their profile. With this change, we’ve also enhanced the traffic analytics in my.G2 to track buyers going to your site from the website URL. You might be surprised to learn that these direct links get even more engagement than CTA buttons!

If you’re wondering if you should upgrade, consider that upgraded profiles – with added features like downloadable content and video demos – generate more pageviews, more organic traffic, more reviews, more engaged visitors, and more leads than free listings.  We’ve also recently added and enhanced a number of features like Interactive Demos, a Chili Piper lead integration, Slack integration, and more. G2 admins will also enjoy new Single Sign On and Multi-Product User Managements as well as in-app notifications to make the most of their G2 Profile(s).

We’re confident that these changes along with innovations on the horizon will bring more buyers to G2 with a direct line to you.  If you’d like to learn more about optimizing your G2 Profile for buyer engagement, reach out to our team. We’re ready to help.