G2 Streamlines Sales Process, Connecting Software Buyers and Sellers with Chili Piper Integration

August 16, 2022

In B2B, the saying “time is money” really hits home — considering that it takes B2B sales teams 42 hours on average to respond to a new lead, and 38% of those leads never reply back. And when a meeting is booked, it typically takes 4.3 days of back-and-forth communication before that first meeting even happens. This is all according to Chili Piper, an inbound conversion software company which G2 is proud to partner with to solve this pressing challenge.

Nicolas Vandenberghe, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Chili Piper, shares the value of this integration, “G2 is one of the most important resources for companies evaluating new software solutions. Our product will instantly bridge the gap between highly qualified leads and human sales reps on G2, creating a frictionless experience that advances prospects’ buying intentions.”

Software sellers: Qualify and convert buyers into meetings directly on your G2 Profile

Available to mutual customers, this new integration helps software vendors instantly convert inbound leads on G2.com into meetings. When a software buyer selects a vendor’s profile CTA button, Chili Piper Form Concierge enables the prospect to select a time and schedule a meeting in real-time. Ultimately, this integration makes it possible to connect qualified prospects with mutual customers’ existing lead flow and reporting — allowing for a unified inbound routing process, and directly attributing pipeline and success to a seller’s G2 presence.

With this partnership, software sellers can:

  • Instantly convert prospects to meetings: Over 60 million buyers use G2 annually to discover, research, and compare business software. Now, it’s even easier and faster for potential customers to advance their buying journey and book time with the software vendors they’re interested in.
  • Drastically reduce vendor response time: Eliminate the need to manually qualify and route inbound leads to the right reps. Book a meeting between prospects and a sales human in seconds, while boosting inbound conversion rates.
  • Grow qualified inbound lead channels: While software buyers on G2 are researching a company’s profile, they’re also looking into competitors, and product alternatives. Their lead quality is high, so you can assign them to reps based on characteristics and account-fit.

Software buyers: Instantly book time with software vendors on G2 while you’re seeking the optimal solution for your business

For software buyers conducting research on G2.com, they now have direct access to a relevant sales rep’s availability and can book meetings with software vendors in just a few clicks directly from the G2 marketplace.

“By eliminating unnecessary steps associated with requesting demos and meetings, we believe we can ensure buyers are better educated and are given the ability to connect with a real representative that can provide true transparency around product inquiries,” added Chili Piper’s Vandenberghe.

Software buyers on G2 can leverage this new marketplace feature to:

  • Progress their software buying decisions: G2 offers a single location for software buyers to research, compare, and make software purchasing decisions. The research and compare phase can now be accompanied with a direct contact to companies of consideration.
  • Instantly book time with companies they’re researching: With the ability to directly book time with a company representative, it eliminates the need to find a booking option on a company’s website.

Together, Chili Piper and G2 offer a new revenue channel for software vendors, converting buyers into meetings directly on G2 Profiles, while also providing a streamlined experience for buyers researching software companies and products. At G2, we were already known as the place you go for software, but now our marketplace can play an even larger role in the software sales process.

Visit our Partner Hub to learn more about the G2 and Chili Piper integration.

G2 Streamlines Sales Process, Connecting Software Buyers and Sellers with Chili Piper Integration G2’s new integration with Chili Piper, available to mutual customers, helps software vendors instantly convert inbound leads on G2.com into meetings while enabling software buyers to instantly book time with vendors on G2 when seeking the optimal solution for their business. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/g2-chili-piper-integration-blog-featured-image@2x.png
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