G2's AI Monty: Summer Heatwave of Exciting New Features!

September 5, 2023

As summer draws to a close and we all seek ways to beat the heat, G2’s AI Monty shows no signs of cooling down!

Since Monty’s launch three months ago, he's been on fire, continuously improving based on user feedback and data analysis. Missed out on our last update? You'll be thrilled to hear about the exciting innovations we’ve made to this point.

But that's not all—we have more scorching Monty goodness to unveil! Here's a sneak peek at our latest creations

  1. G2 Launches ChatGPT Plugin: The brand new G2 ChatGPT Plugin just landed! Now, ChatGPT Plus users on GPT-4 have access to Monty, G2’s AI-powered software advisor, directly within one of the world's most beloved AI tools.  With the G2 ChatGPT Plugin, your software search becomes more efficient than ever. Search for, compare, and decide on software with expert recommendations powered by G2 data – 2M+ reviews, 150,000+ software product and service listings, 120,000+ vendors, and 2,000+ different software categories. 

G2 ChatGPT Plugin Announcement - Blog Featured Image

  1. Up/Down Voting: All versions of Monty now allow users to provide immediate feedback on individual responses, enabling real-time refinements based on user input. Your feedback shapes Monty's recommendations in real-time.

Summer Heatwave Thumbs

  1. Persistent Monty: Monty has become an integral part of the G2 experience, available on both product and category pages. Users can rely on him for software-related inquiries and G2-specific questions, bidding farewell to endless searches. Monty provides guidance and insights whenever needed on G2.com.

Summer Heatwave Chat Icon-1

  1. Monty the Multi-talented AI!: Monty, G2’s AI assistant, was originally created to be your go-to product expert, offering valuable recommendations and insights for software buyers. We now refer to this role as Monty for Buyers. However, he didn't limit himself there, as this mongoose has many other talents! In the three months following Monty’s introduction, he’s been trained to fill many other roles, including
  • Monty for Sales: Monty has taken on a new role as your organization's AI sales sidekick. Explore Monty for Sales, G2's latest chatbot innovation, designed to educate your prospects on your product and get them to take the next step in purchasing. Each Monty is meticulously trained and uniquely personalized for each G2 profile. Monty does this through three steps: Client profiling, conveying value propositions, and driving conversions. Are you a G2 customer on the ESSENTIAL, PRO, or POWER tier? Don't miss the exclusive Monty for Sales early access waitlist.
    Monty Landing page featured image-1
    To witness Monty's sales prowess in action, visit G2’s Marketing Solutions profile.
  • Monty for Support: If you are a software provider with a profile on G2, Monty is here to enhance your  experience by facilitating profile updates, assisting with integration setup, and clarifying feature sets. Since joining our Support team, Monty has seamlessly integrated into my.G2. Count on Monty for instant, dependable assistance whenever you require it.

Stay tuned as Monty continues to expand his repertoire, bringing you even more tailored solutions for your evolving needs.


Thanks to our valuable user feedback and support, Monty is evolving into an indispensable software advisor. Together, we're shaping the future of AI.

Keep the chatting going and feedback coming!

If you haven’t chatted with Monty already to help you discover software for your business, or want to chat again, you can start here. As we mentioned, the more people that use Monty, the smarter he will get.

If you'd like to delve deeper into G2's journey and our approach to continuous innovation, check out my recent discussion with Hosting Advice

Stay cool and enjoy the power of Monty on G2.com!