G2 Winter 2023 Reports: The Top Software Companies, Products, & Categories

December 15, 2022

The tell-tale signs of the season have arrived: snow (well, maybe not here in Atlanta), hot cocoa, warm fires, and…G2 Winter Reports. That’s right, before we all break for the holidays and close the year out on a high note, we’ve released our last quarterly reports of 2022.

You can log into My.G2.com to dive into the Winter 2023 Reports here – all 12,363 of them!

Another quarter gone by, and another opportunity for us to pause and reflect on the successes of software companies across the globe. Among these thousands of reports, vendors, and products, we’re highlighting – just as we did in the Summer and Fall – the most popular vendors and products, those earning the most # 1 rankings and highest G2 scores, which experienced the most improvement, as well as which categories were added and grew the most since last season.

This analysis aims to uncover key insights across these 12,363 reports featuring 14,090 total products across 982 categories (with all of these numbers having grown since Fall report season!). Read on to find out which software companies, products, and categories came out on top.

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Software Companies and Products on G2 with the Most Winter 2023 Reports

Once again, we see Microsoft as the software vendor with the most G2 reports – 2,217 – out of all companies featured. The top 10 companies remain the exact same, but a few swapped spots, like IBM moving from eighth into sixth.

Sellers with Most Reports # of Reports
1. Microsoft 2,217
2. Zoho Corporation 1,600
3. Google 1,545
4. Oracle 1,516
5. Salesforce 1,294
6. IBM 1,227
7. Adobe 1,206
8. SAP 1,201
9. AWS 1,044
10. HubSpot 948

And when it comes to which products were included the most frequently this time around, ClickUp once again repeated in the #1 spot. While this product list features familiar names from Fall Reports, there were some slight switch-ups here too, with SAP SuccessFactors joining as a new entrant.

Products with Most Reports # of Reports
1. ClickUp 581
2. Semrush 437
3. monday.com 356
4. ActiveCampaign 352
5. Google Workspace 343
6. HubSpot Sales Hub 339
7. ZoomInfo SalesOS 332
8. Act-On 295
9. Wrike 290
10. SAP SuccessFactors 288

Companies & Products With Most #1 Rankings and Highest G2 Scores

Now that we saw which companies and products were most popular in our Winter 2023 reports, let’s dive into which performed the best, snagging the most #1 rankings and highest G2 scores.

HubSpot saw the most #1 report rankings, again swapping spots with Microsoft, which was first last season. Zoom, SAP, and ZoomInfo were newly added to the top 10 too. It’s worth noting that despite the number of overall reports increasing this quarter, these vendors saw less #1 rankings than they did previously – demonstrating the competitive nature in these reports. We also had a couple of ties as you can see below too!

Companies with the Most #1 Rankings Number of #1 Rankings
1. HubSpot 318
2. Microsoft 288
3. Google 192
4. monday.com 134
5. Zoom Video Communications 117
6. IBM 117
7. AWS 114
8. Zoho Corporation 89
9. SAP 79
10. ZoomInfo 79

HubSpot products take the cake, with HubSpot Marketing Hub and Sales Hub achieving the most #1 rankings among products on G2 this season.

Products with the Most #1 Rankings Number of #1 Rankings
1. Hubspot Marketing Hub 135
2. Hubspot Sales Hub 127
3. monday.com 126
4. Zoom 113
5. GitHub 106
6. Insider 100
7. Zendesk Support Suite 92
8. Rippling 88
9. Quixy 87
10. Semrush 80

Taking a look at top software companies with the highest G2 Scores, UiPath is the only vendor with a score over 90, displacing HubSpot from its #1 spot last quarter.

For background, G2’s research scoring methodologies are based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. We apply a unique algorithm to this data to calculate the customer Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in real time.

Top Sellers by G2 Score G2 Score
1. UiPath 93.2
2. HubSpot 89.2
3. KnowBe4, Inc. 89.0
4. Malwarebytes 87.7
5. GitHub 87.2
6. Shopify 86.6
7. Amplitude 86.6
8. Dropbox 86.1
9. TechSmith 85.2
10. Coinbase 85.2

In terms of products with the top G2 Scores, Dropbox remains at #1 with a G2 Score of 99. And we’re sending a warm welcome to the following new products that joined this list: Slack, Azure Portal, and good ol’ Microsoft Word.

Top Products by G2 Score G2 Score
1. Dropbox 99.02
2. Adobe Photoshop 98.15
3. Windows 10 99.02
4. Microsoft PowerPoint 97.97
5. Adobe Illustrator 97.88
6. Zoom 97.82
7. Slack 97.79
8. Behance 97.69
9. Azure Portal 97.40
10. Microsoft Word 97.37

The Most Improved Products This Season

Now, recognizing the products that saw the greatest improvement over the past quarter in their G2 report rankings, AT&T Connect was without a doubt “Most Improved.” Congrats to them, and all of the products which drove up their rankings in our Winter 2023 reports!

Most Improved Products
1. AT&T Connect
2. Jitsi
3. Zoho CRM Plus
4. Zendesk Sunshine
5. MeetingPlaza
6. Mesh
7. Simon Data
8. Planview ProjectPlace
9. Qualtrics Employee Experience
10. JobScore

We love to see when some of these improvements led to #1 rankings. Check out the list below to see the 10 products that were able to achieve this with the most drastic improvements over the past quarter – notably Kore.AI, which shifted to 1st from 26th and 21st in the Bot Platforms and Intelligent Virtual Assistants categories, respectively.

Most Improved #1 Ranked Products Category Rank Change
1. Kore.AI From 26th to 1st in Bot Platforms
2. Kore.AI From 21st to 1st in Intelligent Virtual Assistants
3. Zenoti From 11th to 1st in Spa Management
4. Deel From 9th to 1st in HR Compliance
5. IBM API Connect From 9th to 1st in API Design
6. Carta From 8th to 1st in Equity Management
7. LucidLink From 6th to 1 st in Cloud File STorage
8. Descartes Aljex From 5th to 1st in Transportation Management
9. Lessonly by Seismic From 5th to 1st in Course Authoring
10. Wistia From 5th to 1st in Video CMS

The Categories Growing and Emerging on G2

With nearly 2 million reviews, 145,000+ products and services listed, and 2,100 categories, the G2 software marketplace continues to grow. Now that we’ve looked at which software companies and products were most prominent in our Winter 2023 reports, let’s also take a look at trends among the broader categories.

The below categories experienced the most growth over the past quarter – with Survey, Digital Analytics, Asset Management, and Mobile E-Commerce leading the charge, all adding 12 new products. Some categories are seeing consistent growth, making this list two quarters in row, including: Survey, Employee Engagement, Corporate Learning Management Systems, and Data Security.

Categories with Most Product Growth # of Products Added This Quarter
1. Survey 12
2. Digital Analytics 12
3. Asset Management 12
4. Mobile E-commerce 12
5. Employee Engagement 10
6. Content Creation 10
7. Corporate Learning Management Systems 9
8. Data Security 9
9. Game Engine 9
10. Applicant Tracking Systems 8

There were also 15 new categories added to G2 just over the last quarter! While some are less mature with just a few reviews, others have racked up hundreds of reviews and multiple products. We’ll look forward to seeing these categories continue to grow, and will be keeping our eyes peeled for which categories emerge next!

New Software Categories Added to G2
Shipping Insurance: helps businesses minimize profit losses associated with misplaced, damaged, or stolen goods by offsetting some of the costs to consumers and companies who purchase insurance on their orders.
Location Platform: provide SDKs, APIs, debugging tools, dashboards, and analytics for developers to build location-based experiences.
Service Virtualization: allows developers to test their applications by simulating various components of the eventual production environment.
Repair Shop: specialized products that repair shops use to manage business operations and automate repair and service workflow.
DDI Management Platform: the internet's phonebook that converts domain names into numeric IP addresses used by browsers to load web pages.
Sales Planning: enables organizations to intelligently structure sales plans, such as territory management, quota allocation, and capacity management, to ensure sufficient resources are provided to effectively execute sales goals.
Live Commerce: helps companies promote and sell products online through live video streaming.
API Platforms: consist of software tools and integrations that allow development teams to manage the complete API lifecycle.
Unified APIs: provide a single "meta" API that is used to interact with multiple software applications within the same category.
Medical Lab: allows medical labs and clinics to automate their collection and testing operations, manage their samples and data, and maintain regulatory compliance.
Blockchain Developers Providers: specialize in aiding the development of applications that utilize blockchain and related technologies.
Anaplan Partners: offer implementation, support, consulting, and training services for Anaplan tools.
Desk Booking: solutions allowing employees to browse and reserve available desks across a company’s floor plan, which is often interactive, providing 3D visuals and immersive features for users exploring their workspace.
Heavy-Duty Repair: total management solution for repair shops that specialize in heavy-duty vehicles and machinery, such as diesel trucks, trailers, RVs, and construction and farming equipment.
Studio Management: helps class-based fitness and wellness businesses operate efficiently and reduce administrative burdens.

Congrats to all of the software vendors and products recognized in our Winter 2023 reports. Before taking off for the holidays, be sure to share your badges proudly. Cheers!

Also stay tuned for our annual tradition: G2’s 2023 Best Software Awards, coming in February!

G2 Winter 2023 Reports: The Top Software Companies, Products, & Categories G2’s Winter 2023 Reports include 12,363 reports featuring 14,090 total products across 967 categories. This post dives deeper into which software companies and products appear most frequently, come out on top the most, are improving, and which categories are growing and emerging too. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Winter%202022%20Reports%20-%20Creative%20-%20SocialComms%20-%20Blog_G2WinterReports-Social-IG.png
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